Complete GTA 5 Map Remade in Minecraft

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GTA 5 Map Remade in Minecraft

1:1 recreation of Grand Theft Auto V‘s world is being remade in Minecraft, Ultimate fans with all the time in the world behind the project today published a video that shows off the progress they’ve made so far.

“GTA 5 in Minecraft” is the name of the project. It aims to recreate the entire world of Rockstar’s massive game–including the city sections in Los Santos and the mountains of Blaine County–inside of Mojang’s sandbox title. It sounds like a massively ambitious undertaking.

The map will be around 7,500 by 7,500 blocks. Production began in January 2015, meaning the team has now been working on it for more than a year.

YouTube’s N11ck has been chronicling the project’s progress with regular video updates. This latest one was a little delayed, he said, because he’s been busy with school exams. Yes, they go to schools and all.

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