After Legendary Guitars Now Fender is Making Devilish In-Ear Headphones

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As you know already Fender is best known for making a big sound with its classic guitars and amps, but now it is also making music on a smaller scale. The company yesterday announced its first ever series of Fender-branded headphones, five new wired in-ear models that start at $99 for the cheapest pair, and rise to $499 for the most expensive.

Fender acquired Aurisonics to make these little devils, Aurisonics is a boutique American manufacturer that catered primarily to serious audiophiles and professional musicians. A number of the new Fender-branded earphones are refreshed versions of the models Aurisonics sold prior to its purchase, “reconfigured and improved since the acquisition,” according to Fender’s Andy Rowley. Each of the phones in the new range boast a titanium driver and the higher-end models are 3D-printed using “Digital Hybrid Technology,” a process through which Fender says thousands of ears were scanned to get headphones that fit 95 percent of people “like an expensive custom-molded monitor.”Fender In-Ear Headphones



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