New iPhones Will Charge Wirelessly From a Distance

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New iPhones Will Charge Wirelessly From a Distance

Wireless charging for smartphones is nothing new for the consumers and Android users are enjoying it for a while, Apple never added the feature to its iPhone. But in 2017, according to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple might start adding an advanced type of wireless charging and it’s cutting edge and it will be capable of charging from distance, this will be a dream come true!

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 smartphone uses wireless charging, It has to be placed on a special mat to be charged. But Apple’s technology would enable an iPhone or an iPad to be charged over the air, with the charger located inches or feet away.

Wireless transmission of electrical power can be done — an MIT team led by Marin Soljačić showcased such a system back in 2007 — but there are various obstacles, including power loss as the distance increases.

Apple is currently trying to overcome these issues, and the wireless charging technology is still being assessed for implementation.

Besides listing a few Apple patents, including a method to make an aluminum phone case that allows radio waves to pass through, the report doesn’t have any further evidence to support the claim or any other details on how this wireless charging tech would work in practice.


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