New Anti Drone Gun Can Stop Small Rogue Drones Without Destroying Them

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The device uses radio control frequency disruption to halt and bring down drones in a way that keeps the drone intact while preventing it from setting off any kind of self-destruct sequence.

Capable of five hours of continuous use, the device has a range of 400 meters and jams ISM bands (radio frequencies reserved for industrial, scientific and medical devices) and GPS signals. A look at a brief video demonstration (below) shows a user targeting and bringing down a small drone with ease, just outside of what looks like a guarded facility.

“FCC regulations (47 CFR 15) prohibit the marketing or sale of this device to entities other than U.S. Government agencies,” reads the statement. “We are examining ITAR [International Traffic in Arms Regulations] and other export regulations at this time. Due to communication spectrum regulations and legal limitations on its use, we do not have near-term plans to pursue commercial sales.”



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