Van Gogh Doll With a Detachable Left Ear And It Is Very Romantic

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If you and your loved one is a fan of The Big Bang Theory or a nerd by nature, This gift is custom made for you. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild is the maker of the “Little Thinkers” line of plush dolls of historical, artistic and literary figures. What makes the van Gogh doll remarkable from the their other dolls? It is the left ear which can be removed and reattached. A perfect gift for an art lovers with an ironic sense of humor.

The tortured artist Vincent van Gogh can now be tortured just a little bit more. Like our other Little Thinker dolls, Vincent stands approximately 11″ tall and is superbly crafted. Unlike our other Little Thinker dolls, the Vincent van Gogh doll has a unique feature: he has a removable ear! That’s right, his ear is Velcro-backed so you can have hours of twisted fun removing van Gogh’s ear and sticking it back on again.


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