2D Roguelike NECROSMITH Is Now On Consoles!

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Necrosmith, developed by Merge Games and published by Alawar, burst onto the gaming scene last year and quickly gained recognition for its captivating gameplay. Initially released to rave reviews on Steam, this 2D roguelike has expanded its reach and is now available on popular gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch and PS5, allowing even more players to experience its dark and immersive world.

In Necrosmith, players step into the shoes of a formidable Necromancer, wielding the powers of dark magic and leading an army of undead minions. These minions may not possess the brightest minds, but they are under your command as you navigate through the treacherous landscapes of more than a dozen distinct biomes. The journey is fraught with danger as you face hordes of enemies determined to thwart your progress. Your ultimate goal is to overpower the Chosen Ones, the adversaries standing in the way of your escape from this enigmatic realm.

Within Necrosmith, the Necromancer’s spells are your sole means of defense and offense. Strategically utilizing these spells, you must guide your minions through the perils of each biome, meticulously searching for elusive keys that unlock the path to freedom. The game’s challenging nature and procedurally generated levels ensure that no two playthroughs are the same, offering a fresh and thrilling experience with every attempt.

To commemorate the successful console launch of Necrosmith, fans of the game are in for a special treat. Merge Games and Alawar have partnered with Makeship to create a limited edition Necrosmith Cat plushie, inspired by the game’s dark aesthetic. This adorable companion from the depths of the dark realm is now available for purchase. But that’s not all! With each acquisition of the Necrosmith Cat plushie, fans will also receive a complimentary digital copy of another captivating game titled Wall World, further enhancing their gaming collection.

The addition of the Necrosmith Cat plushie serves as a tangible connection to the game, allowing fans to bring a piece of the mystical world into their own lives. It’s a unique opportunity to own a physical manifestation of their enthusiasm for Necrosmith while also enjoying the engaging gameplay experiences it offers.

With its engaging mechanics, immersive world, and now its limited edition plushie offering, Necrosmith continues to captivate players on multiple gaming platforms, delivering a memorable and enthralling experience for fans of roguelike adventures and dark fantasy realms alike.

Necrosmith offers a captivating gameplay experience centered around the art of raising the deceased and melding diverse body parts to forge formidable minions. Venture into a realm teeming with skeletons, zombies, orcs, harpies, elementals, and even mechanical beings. With the ability to combine specific characteristics and attacks, players embark on a quest to strike an optimal balance between survivability, swiftness, and combat prowess.

Yet, Necrosmith surpasses the mere accumulation of a legion of the deceased. In addition, players can bolster their stronghold with external fortifications and inner luxuries. Erect necro laboratories to cultivate body parts, meticulously craft techno-magical contrivances, and amplify the might of their undead army, thus solidifying their position against unrelenting adversaries.

The advent of Necrosmith on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 has unfurled new gateways for gamers to delve into this enthralling roguelike odyssey. Whether traversing the vastness of the living room or embarking on a journey, players can now submerge themselves in the enigmatic and shadowy realm of Necrosmith, commanding their army of the deceased with unparalleled precision and strategic acumen.

Experience the haunting allure of Necrosmith, now available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS5, beckoning both avid gamers and intrepid adventurers alike to partake in this unforgettable adventure.

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