3 Amazing Game Soundtracks  

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The gaming industry is full of great creative talent, and people keep producing all sorts of amazing work that’s sometimes easier to appreciate, compared to movies or other forms of media. A film might play a beautiful piece once to support a certain scene, and you’ll never hear it again – but try getting stuck in a tricky area in a game, and the associated track might be stuck in your head for days. Or, in case the game truly grabs your attention, maybe even years. And if you’re unable to find any of those soundtracks anywhere else.



A game that took everyone by surprise with its depth and level of polish, Bastion is also accompanied by a stunning soundtrack that leaves you coming back for more and more. Every piece of the music just fits the atmosphere perfectly, and the vocal parts don’t get in the way at all, unlike in many other games that get this so wrong. Listening to the lyrics can also reveal some apparent references to the world around the player, which further helps draw you into the story.


The game’s main theme became an Internet sensation shortly after the title arrived in the market, but there’s much more to explore in the soundtrack of Portal beyond that. Valve’s composers have done an amazing job on this piece – and its sequel – and there’s something to be said about the way the music never seems to make its presence too obvious, yet sticks in your head for a long time. The subtle electronic pieces run very well with the isolated feeling of the huge complex, and when the action gets intense, so does the soundtrack, in a very engaging way.

Fallout 4

Fallout: New Vegas

There’s something to be said about the ability of the Fallout series to introduce young gamers to classics that are multiple decades old at this point – in some cases, almost a century. The music fits the finely crafted world just perfectly, and even if can’t see yourself enjoying someone like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, you’ll likely find yourself singing along before you’ve even realized what’s going on. The game allows you to switch its built-in radio on and off at will, which can let you take a breath if you find the tracks getting too repetitive, but don’t be surprised if you reach the end and realize that you’ve never turned it off along the whole way.

Games you love should be appreciated for more than their raw gameplay and flashy graphics. When a lot of hard work has been put into a piece, the people behind it would certainly love to know that someone finds it interesting enough to dig deep beneath its surface and explore what it’s truly made of. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to discuss their findings of this type with others, you’ll be delighted to know that the Internet is full of like-minded individuals who are ready to share their experiences with you.

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