3 Bond Style Gadgets You Can Make At Home

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Bond Style Gadgets

James Bond is the most famous spy with gadgets in the world, and I am sure everyone knows him by heart all over the world and his bigger than life gadgets. There are 22 James Bond films with gadgets out of this world and ahead of their time, you will be hard-pressed to keep the list to just one. My choice would be the Microsoft Surface at the MI6 HQ in Quantum of Solace and it is the best-looking gadget at the time. The multi-touch surface is very much real today,  The cell phones used by 007 with GPS and other goodies are within reach too. You can even have software which works like Bonds gadgets and makes you feel like an agent as well, one software is called free phone spy which actually works like a dream.

Gadget 1: Old Smartphone turned into a Dedicated GPS Tracker

Old Smartphone turned into a Dedicated GPS Tracker

The most fan-favorite GPS tracker was built into Sony Ericsson K800, which was used by Bond himself.

Wannabe spies want to grind those gears and beat the traffic before you miss the supervillain or his right-hand man. There are also community-based apps that help you out by identifying speed bumps, traffic bottlenecks, and the weather forecasts so you can be on time and ahead of your game. You can get news on traffic from other drivers and choose your way to save the way and all in real-time. So phone and a community-based app, Check.

So how you wanna play spy? If you are not in the NSA, CIA, or in MI5. A pricey GPS enabled handset that’s also a style statement or an old smartphone that is cleverly turned into a GPS device which is also discrete and comes along with the free choices of GPS apps.

Gadget 2: And Most Important, Control Your Car with Your Smartphone

Counter-surveillance with Your Old Junky Smartphones

Everyone remembers Tomorrow Never Dies and it’s an iconic scene where James Bond uses an Ericsson phone to remotely drive his BMW. and it is not the only time in Die Another Day he uses the same tech but with even cooler features. It’s all seems futuristic but it is not when you find out you can pretty much do the same with some electronic skills. This DIY wiz kid bought the first Generation iPhone and “talked” with his Subaru Outback via SMS. Don’t believe us? check the video below.

You will need to set up an Arduino to communicate between the iPhone and the car. The Arduino controls the ignition to start the car. The command to the Arduino comes with an SMS from the iPhone. The iPhone has to be jailbroken to make it work as a remote device. Full schematics and the step-by-step process are explained to make it all work together.

There are hacks floating around where you can do the same thing with a cheap cellphone, forget about jailbreaking your precious fruitful phone. Here’s Dave Hacks for how to start your car remotely with a $10 disposable cell phone.

Another brilliant iPhone hack, I must admit it is a bit complicated and takes uncommon inventiveness. Under the hood, you have the brake and steering rigged with three separate motors. A laptop with specialized software serves as the brain and custom made iPhone app controls the car. If you pull this out and got successful of doing everything please do not take it on the road, It can be dangerous and you will end up somewhere where they won’t allow any form of cellphones.

Driverless cars are here thanks to multi-billionaire moguls. So just wait for them to be operated from phones and you can have a safe remote control car.

Gadget 3: Counter-surveillance with Your Old Junky Smartphones


Let’s talk about spy gadgets, Maybe you won’t make it as a spy agent in the CIA or MI6, but you can use your old and new smartphones to fight the worst crime of all,


OpenWatch is a participatory citizen media project and they are attempting to use mobile technology for public monitoring of authority figures.

OpenWatch has apps for the iPhone and Android which allow you to secretly record video or audio and upload it to the OpenWatch server with geotags.

Especially what is happening these days we all need this, The Cop Recorder apps are Open source and are available on the website as well as on the respective stores. Once you press the record button, the app records an interaction without any visual cues (Which might be illegal at places, So know your surroundings.) Then you can stop the recording and upload it to the OpenWatch servers anonymously. If you are using an old smartphone you can use the audio recorder for the counter-surveillance. Website will keep your details private and keep your files in the gallery.

This is just the beginning of the love for gadget and is a wannabe bond, There are lots of other ways you can turn that old smartphone into a useful spy device. Do tell us in the comments which Bond gadget you love the most and we try to find a cheaper way for you to make it at home.

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