3 Classic Games it’s Worth Learning How to Play

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Legend of Zelda

With so much emphasis on the latest high-tech games and trends, it’s easy for people to forget where it all started – with the classics. Whole generations may never know or learn how to play the games their parents grew up with and loved. And while there is nothing wrong with advancements and embracing new options, there’s still a lot to be said about the classics. If you’re ready to take a stroll along memory lane and learn how to play some classic games, here are three you’ll want to check out.


The Legend of Zelda

Here’s a classic video game series that got its start back in 1986 on the Nintendo platform. The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy-action series that provides immersive gameplay, in-depth storylines, plenty of action, and a wonderful cast of characters. Players will be engaged in action-packed battles, solving puzzles, exploring, and heading out on new adventures.

The great part about this series is that there is no need to have played the original game to pick up on the most current offering and become a fan. You may just want to do a little reading and digging on your own to learn about the story and legend. There isn’t a set storyline that continues throughout rather the games just tend to use references. The way each offering is designed is to be a standalone offering and storyline.


Poker – The Ultimate Card Game

When it comes to classic card games, look no further than this casino favorite – poker. Poker has been around for more than 1,000 years in one form or another and is played all around the world. It’s one of the most popular games at brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online casino sites.

Part of what makes this game so interesting is the fact there are different types of poker such as Razz, Seven-Card Stud, and Five-Card Draw. Those looking to learn how to play the most classic type of all will want to read up on Texas Hold’em. As a bonus is this one of the simpler forms of poker to learn, so it’s an excellent starting point.


Monopoly – a Board Game for All Ages

Now it’s time to throw a board game into the mix and what better game than Monopoly. This is a game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults, making it a family favorite even now. If you’ve somehow made it through your life up to this point without playing, why not change that. While there are tons of different themed versions of Monopoly nowadays, it’s best to pick up the classic version.

The game itself dates back to 1903 but it didn’t take on its current version until 1935 when Parker Brothers bought the rights to the game and called it Monopoly.


Just a Small Look at the Classics

This is just a very small look at the classic games worth learning even today when you’re surrounded by high-tech and exciting offerings. The classics will just never go out of style.

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