3 Key Benefits of Learning to Code

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Learning to Code

The late great Steve Jobs once said that everyone should learn to code because it teaches you how to think. The co-founder of Apple knew back in the seventies just how important a skill coding was and, by using this knowledge, managed to create one of the most successful and well-loved brands of all time. Today, coding skills are required in many different industries, not necessarily restricted to pure IT pursuits. The video gaming industry would not have experienced explosive growth to the point where it is now the world’s most popular form of entertainment without millions of talented coders creating our most loved games. If you think that coding is something that you may enjoy, then this article will be of significant interest, as it explains three key benefits of learning to code.


Career Opportunities

As the world continues to advance in terms of technology, coding becomes more important in a variety of disciplines. In the public sector, education, and healthcare, there is an increasing demand for talented coders to create applications and automate the analysis of complex data, so that meaningful insights can be gained from it that drive change. In addition, today’s modern websites that are created for large corporations rely on teams of exceptionally talented coders to create bespoke web pages that complement the tone and ethos of the company and appeal to their target markets. Web pages must be coded to run smoothly and ensure that they are SEO friendly as this can have a huge impact on ranking page results and, therefore, global visibility online. In short, there is a diverse range of careers that require coding as a vital part of the job description. Such occupations tend to be well paid to take into account the time and skill that is needed to learn how to code effectively.


It’s Intellectually Stimulating

Coding can be an exceptionally stimulating and rewarding practice. It can be viewed as building structures in the virtual world and similar levels of satisfaction can be gained from building an app as could be from building a real-world physical structure. Many coders get to a point in their basic skills and knowledge where they want to try python. Python is a coding language that uses some English syntaxes and is therefore reasonably straightforward to learn. Coding in python can teach a coding student how to build apps and basic programmes with only hours of practice and study. Most coders find that creating their first app or game is both intellectually stimulating and an extremely satisfying process.


Encourages Teamwork

Today, many school children are beginning to be taught basic coding skills in the classroom. As well as being a highly worthwhile educational activity, it encourages teamwork. Children often work together to solve simple coding problems, which is a great way to improve communication and critical thinking. In addition, many large-scale coding projects, such as major applications or triple-A rated video games, simply cannot be done alone and, as such, different parts of the coding process need to be shared out. Working as a team on a coding project encourages high levels of communication and teamwork. Problem-solving skills will often need to be relied on when code issues occur such as bugs or code that requires refactoring.

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