3 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT is The Revival of a Point-and-Click Genre

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Scarecrow Studio is taking gamers back to the good old days of point-and-click ventures with their new game 3 Minutes to Midnight. The game looks very good and we’re promised fun and humor-filled adventure that I think will happen after watching the trailer.


In addition to comedy and a classic gameplay style, players will be able to pick between two different characters, Betty Anderson and Eliza Barret to get two different views on the story. Also, they counted and pledge more possible game endings than other games, namely Mass Effect 3. 3 Minutes to Midnight is currently open for funding via Kickstarter and if it gets to the goal, all backers will receive a secret DLC.

3 Minutes to Midnight is planned to release in June 2020 if all goes well at the fundraising.



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