3 Reasons Console Gamers are Joining Online Casinos

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With the next generation of game consoles set to hit the shelves at some point between 2020-2022, many game developers are postponing releases to focus the future of their franchises on next-gen gaming. As a result, the console gaming industry is coming to a slowdown in preparation for the next wave of gaming technology. A prime example of this extended wait for innovation in this sector would be the Grand Theft Auto series. Fans have been waiting for Rockstar to release GTA 6 for years, but it won’t be arriving until the release of the Playstation 5, which won’t be happening until the 2020 holiday season. Along with this pre-next-gen development slowdown, here are three other reasons why many console gamers are trying their hand at online casinos:

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1. The Opportunity to Win Money

Most console games do not provide any built-in way to place a wager on a game. There have been a few niche platforms that have tried to let players gamble on matches in specific video games like Madden and FIFA, but there are no integrated betting systems within console games. Online casino games add an extra layer of excitement because there’s always real money on the line. Of course, with real funds comes the need for exceptional customer support, which is why some online casinos offer real-time phone and chat assistance. For example, many gamers have praised the responsiveness of Boylesports live chat on the Casino Yell review & rating platform but aren’t keen on the fact that a Boylesports no deposit offer isn’t available.


2. A Virtualised, Arcade-Like Gaming Experience

Graphics and realism are incredible in modern console games, but sometimes you just want a more old-school gaming experience. Offer an arcade-like interface with games that provide a traditional and simplistic style of gameplay. Many online gamers also let their users connect to live dealer tables which let you use video chat sessions to feel as though you’re at a real casino.


3. A Break from the Rewardless Complexities of Modern Gaming

Let’s face it, if you want to be a dominant force in online console gaming, you need to be borderline obsessive about getting better. Console games are designed to be challenging because they increase their entertainment value. Online casino games are meant to be entertaining without much effort required on behalf of the users. Thus, there’s a clear contrast between the kind of risk and reward scenarios that exist for console and gaming. Console gamers have to put in maximum effort for minimal reward due to the fact that they’re not wagering real funds, while gamers put in the least gaming effort while enjoying the possibility of actually obtaining the financial rewards.


It’s a Different Kind of Gaming Altogether

Console gaming is mostly a skill-based activity. In other words, if you don’t develop your skills and play well, other players will dominate you and you probably won’t have too much fun in the process. Online gaming is a bit friendlier because many of the games are left up to luck, so everyone has a chance to win regardless of how skilled they are.


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