3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Social Media Reporting Tools

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If anyone thinks that the work of a social media manager is incredibly easy, they are totally wrong. Among all of the exciting tasks that social media managers are in charge of, preparing social media reports is rarely recognized as one of them. There are a few reasons behind it – preparing a valuable social media monthly report takes time and effort, so it can be a tedious and tiring assignment if you need to do it for a couple of clients. Another reason is that social media marketers do not have enough skills and knowledge to understand social media metrics correctly, and therefore they cannot analyze them accordingly. This is where social media reporting tools step up to help marketers make the most of their data and insights. Why should you invest in some social media reporting tools?


Save time with social media reporting tools

There are no drawbacks to preparing a report with social media metrics yourself. However, collecting statistics from all of the platforms, analyzing them, and making some further conclusions can be troublesome or even impossible to make in a limited time. This especially matters if you need to prepare reports and analyze performance for several clients, not just one. With social media reporting tools like NapoleonCat (more information about this tool you can both keep an eye on chosen social media statistics on a regular basis, as well as generate useful reports for your team and your clients in a heartbeat. Saving time means saving money too. How does it work? Well, although you need to spend some money on buying social media reporting software to automate your tedious tasks, you may actually save much more in terms of time – and so the outlay is paid back almost instantly. If you can spend 1 hour on generating reports instead of 20, then you save money on 19 working hours. As you can see, it can be a lot. So, you should take tools as an investment rather than an expense for your company.


Social media reporting tools make you look more professional

A neat social media report is like gold! You can sparkle with social media reports that present data in an appealing way. Instead of just sending some spreadsheets or docs, you can send a pretty PDF that wonderfully reflects your results for a particular client. Needless to say that such a presentation form can really amaze your clients and make them simply happier and more satisfied with your services. Not only can they get a report any time they want without involving you too much, but they will also be really content with its easily understandable form. Not each and every client is familiar with social media metrics, so presenting some data and conclusions in an intuitive report is a win-win. Clients may have less obvious questions, and you will not waste your time and effort in answering them since everything is transparent in the report. You can quite simply make life easier for your client with a social media reporting tool.


You can grow your business with social media reporting tools

Because you can save so much time on automating the creation of social media reports, and your clients will be very satisfied with the results they get, such as the aforementioned reports, you can make time for some new clients. New clients mean a new source of income that drives your company. If you have ten clients and you save three hours on reporting for each of them by using tools, then you will have an extra thirty hours for another client. Why wouldn’t you make the most of it?


To sum-up

Social media reporting tools may turn out to be a game-changer for you and your organization. By automating such crucial activities as analyzing, optimizing, and generating reports, you can deliver your clients the highest quality service and focus on some creative tasks you most definitely have in the pipeline. If you do not like analytics at the moment, it is likely that you will once you start using some social media reporting applications. So, what are you waiting for?

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