3 Tips To Using Cheats So That Your Friends Are Unaware

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There are many video games where the players have to play with other players through an online platform. As such, you will find the video games quite competitive as you try to outdo your opponents on the other end of the world. There is the issue of cheating in video games where the game players will use nonstandard means so as to either create advantage or disadvantage, that is not the normal way of playing the game. When a player creates some form of advantage, they make the game easier for themselves. When they create some disadvantage, they make the game harder for their opponents. This is what is known as cheating in the playing of video games.

So, how can you use cheats so that your friends will be unaware? There are many ways of doing this. You can, for instance, visit the ILikeCheats website to get more information. This article will discuss 3 tips that can help you use cheats so that your opponents and friends will be unaware:

  1. Cheat codes

The use of cheat codes is one of the best ways to gain an advantage in video games without the knowledge of your competitors. Ordinarily, these cheat codes are a creation of the game developers and they are hidden within the video games. What they do is that they cause some uncommon effects on the video games, hence either bringing in an advantage or a disadvantage to the game players. When you are playing video games, one of the best ways to gain an advantage over your competitors is by downloading cheat codes and using these when playing your video games. When you type some secret passwords through the controller buttons in some sort of a sequence, you end up improving your performance in the video game.

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  1. Use of memory editing software

This is yet another way one can get an advantage while they are playing video games. With the memory editing software, it is possible for a video game player to edit some of the numeric values of the game memory address. A memory editor is even able to freeze the memory parameters so that the game cannot change the information stored in that address. This is definitely a good way that a video game player can gain some advantage when they are playing with others online or offline since the edited memory will not revert back to the factory settings.

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  1. Modifying the runtime data of the game

You can also achieve cheating in the video games that you play through the modification of the runtime data while the game is running. This may be less reliable when compared to the cheat codes but it also works. While you do this, you have to be careful with the programming style of the game, the quirks, the different versions of the game release, and the hardware of the video game players. These could make it a little hard for you to achieve your cheating needs.

For online video games, it is also possible to rely on the bots that can help you to achieve some advantage in your video games. These are, in essence, programs that can emulate human behavior during the playing of video games. They will help you to achieve some advantage as you play video games with your online competitors.


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