3 Upcoming Video Games to Expect

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gears 5

The gaming world has been lively. Many yet thrilling video games have been launched and made a huge impact. However, there are sundry video games that are yet to launch with advancements in technology. Video game enthusiasts have a lot to expect right from new franchise releases to remakes.

For a long time, people have enjoyed video gaming on their powerful gaming gadgets as a way to spend their free time. Indeed, a lot of people would say that gaming is their hobby. Other individuals find it better to play casino games on Unibet anytime they wish. This is because it is highly accessible and convenient for anyone. But be it gaming or gambling, it is all recommended. Let’s delve into the upcoming games.


Play station 4, Xbox One, PC

Set to release on August 27, Control is created by Remedy Entertainment, a company that developed Payne games. It is a 3rd person supernatural adventurous action-filled game. It possesses a very strong narrative background. See, in this game, you, the player, assumes the role of a New York-based secret agency director whose headquarters have suffered an attack by a wraithlike threat. In its trailer, the characters are lifelike, and the entire world is sinister, an aspect that makes it more real.

Gears 5

PC, Xbox One

Gears 5; is set to release on September 10. It is a new game in the Gears of war fancies which will introduce a new protagonist; Kait Diaz. The voiceover was done by Laura Bailey. Kait is an outsider who becomes a significant member f the battle after getting pulled into the action. A number of characters from the previous game have returned to give it a fast-paced action. Such characters include; Marcus Fenix, JD Fenix, and Delmont Walker.

The Outer Worlds

PC, Xbox One, Play station 4, Nintendo Switch

The Outer Worlds emerged the top nominated game at E3’s Best in Show. It managed to be the most excellent original game, which was clear proof that it is a highly anticipated indie game. It is created by Obsidian Entertainment. It is co-directed by Leonard Boyarsky alongside Tim Cain. It is a sci-fi, adventurous game. It includes combat and a bit of exploration that is influenced by Futurama and Firefly.

The director revealed that the game is set in a dark world that only dark themes could fit best. The game’s tone involves light and dark elements to create the intended fun. Thus, if you have been looking out for an adventure sci-fi game, you are already covered. The Outer Worlds is set to give you the best gaming experience in combat and exploration.

Bottom Line

In the beginning, you came across the various ways you can enjoy that free time. You can opt to play video games on your PC, play station, etc. also, you can get online and enjoy casino games on the internet. Thanks to the various casinos that have online platforms with as many games as you would wish.

Also, you have seen that there is a lot to expect in the gaming world. Control, Gears 5, and The Outer Worlds are among the numerous video games that are set for release soon. This means you will have many games accessible via your PC or play station.


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