3 Ways Console Giants Have Looked to the Online Casino for Inspiration

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Next Gen Consoles

From Nintendo to Sony and Microsoft, the console giants have been at war for decades. The battle to be voted the industry’s best console has been waging since the 1980s when Nintendo and Sega led the charge. Now, the likes of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are looking for new ways to grab users, while next-generation consoles – the PS5 and Xbox Series X – are due out this year. On the face of it, console creators constantly innovate and create new features to enhance the user experience. However, recently, they’ve been following the lead of the online casino to leverage one of the fastest-growing markets for their own gains.  

Microsoft And Sony

The Power of Promotions    

Sony and Microsoft may be companies with long and storied histories but, in order to remain relevant in an ever-developing landscape, it’s become clear that they have had to employ new techniques in order to stay relevant, especially as far as online gaming goes. Looking to the online casino industry, businesses have consistently used promotions as a means of enticing new players, offering benefits like free spins and matched deposits in return for signing up with the company, as can be seen in this example of a casino welcome bonus at Betfair. This has become more evident in more traditional video gaming circles, too, as Microsoft has begun offering free or discounted entry to its Xbox Live subscription services. This cheap or free starting point is a good way to encourage new players to choose the console for its game library.

nintendo switch

Accessible Gaming  

An element of the rise of online casinos in the past couple of years is their ability to make games more accessible. Whether it’s via smartphones or mobile devices, the biggest establishments have concentrated on utilizing mobile tech such as 5G to appeal to a wider audience. It has worked as IMH estimates mobile gaming to be worth $63.2 billion, or 47% of the global market. It didn’t take long for console developers to figure out there was a lot of potential in accessible gaming, which is why Microsoft has recently released the xCloud. Designed as a streaming service, Xbox owners can save a campaign and pick up where they left off on their phone or tablet.  

GTA Online Casino

In-game Casino Features  

The most blatant way console giants are boosting success with casino technology is by using them in their games. A typical gameplay experience for a player now involves exploring and roaming maps like never before. As a result, developers have to give users special activities, such as gambling. Grand Theft Auto Online is a prime example. The fictional Diamond Casino and Resort is a move by game developers and console creators to leverage people’s love for casinos in the real world in their virtual worlds. They’ve succeeded because The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the casino’s opening was the biggest launch in GTA history when it was released in 2019.  

Consoles aren’t successful due to online casinos – they carved out a lane long before people frequented digital establishments. However, as the market has grown, together the console and game creators have taken elements such as in-game promos, on-the-go streaming, and gambling to promote their products. 

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