3 Ways To Stay Connected With Fellow Gamers

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According to some sources, the first-ever video game ever made was Bertie the Brain, a digital version of tic-tac-toe that a user could play on a four-meter-tall screen in 1950. The way people perceived the game was underwhelming during that era. However, it gave inspiration for game developers, leading to the creation of more video games that many started to love throughout the years.

The growing popularity of video games also encouraged interaction among gamers. After all, the pleasure one could feel from winning and playing the actual game can be best savored by sharing these moments with other players. Of course, that doesn’t mean that those who can’t play well are out of the gaming community—as long as one has a passion for video games like others, there’ll always be an open space to belong.

Nonetheless, staying connected with other gamers can be tricky. Aside from commitments they need to attend to in real life, common toxicity in gaming communities could cut the connection gamers created from their love for video games. If you want to establish healthy friendships and stay connected with them, read on as this article highlights three ways you can stay connected with your fellow gamers!


1. Join Gaming Events And Conventions

Today, numerous gaming organizers and developers hold major events and conventions. For instance, most gaming developers and companies have local and international eSports tournaments. Some game live-streaming platforms also organize major gaming conventions. These significant events give gamers an opportunity to establish a bond and stay connected with their fellow gamers. That said, consider joining these gaming events to talk to your fellow gamers personally—beyond your device microphone and chat box.

Aside from community meetups where you can gather with your fellow gamers, these events offer various benefits and opportunities for all gamers. This is a fun experience where you can meet and greet your favorite gaming streamers and content creators. If you’re watching a tournament, you also get the opportunity to learn a lot from the gameplay of professional gamers and see them play live.

Lastly, various gaming merchandises and cool gaming gifts are available at these major events. You can consider getting merch and gaming gifts for yourself or your fellow gamers as souvenirs.


2. Turn On In-Game Communication Features

One of the primary ways to establish teamwork and connect with your fellow gamers is to turn on the in-game communication feature when playing. Most games have it on the chat options initially made by developers to encourage communication and teamwork among players during their matches.

Playing with in-game communication features on provides a satisfying experience. This way, you’ll be able to communicate and make calls during the game to increase your chances of winning the game. You can also share funny moments with your teammates and even your opponents in real-time.

If you enjoyed communicating and playing with your teammates, you can consider inviting them to a game party and adding them as friends. This way, you’ll be able to play more games together. This is also a great way to establish wholesome friendships among people across the globe who share the same passion for gaming and having a good time.


3. Stream Your Gameplay

Generally, it’s natural for people to be interested in someone they can relate to, especially in the gaming community. Therefore, consider streaming your gameplay for other gamers to watch. This will help also you stay connected with your fellow gamers because they can communicate with you through chat while you stream.

If you’re playing like a professional, gamers will watch you because they want to see game highlights and learn from how you play. On the other hand, many might find your gameplay an eyesore if you can’t play well, but if you’re entertaining, you can still spread good vibes among fellow gamers, too.

Consider creating your social media channel for game-streaming content that’s visible to everyone. Making your streaming schedule open for them to view can be helpful, too, since they’ll know when they can watch you live. Aside from this, keep your chat open so you can read their messages and respond in real-time.

Video games are entertaining applications that one can play through their electronic device. They’re fun and convenient, making it easy for many to love them and share the moments they have while playing with fellow gamers. As it may be, other factors like burnout and real-life commitments could make the connection they established with them last for a short time. By doing the tips mentioned in this article, you can ensure that your bond with other players stays strong.

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