30 Coolest ‘Covid Projects’ Shared By People On Reddit

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Covid Projects

If you are one of the wise men who used the time in quarantine wisely and came up with wonderful projects? No? Well, worry not and come join the club! But before entering the club, check out what these 30 creative and handy people were up to during the time of lockdown. From landscaping to interior designing, these projects are all kinds of brilliant and fun! Whether you need a spark of inspiration for your own project or simply a fun activity for the next 10 minutes, check them out below.

My quarantine project. Digital design, laser cut into 10 layers of plywood, stained brown. No name

My COVID project. Yard and paint

My Covid-19 home project

Quarantine Project #2 : A Bunk Bed for My Son’s GLASSES

We don't have space for a dining table in our apartmant, so I have made a walnut lift-top table. (inspiration from Make Something YouTube channel)

Craig is loving his quarantine cat castle. Especially now that it includes open patios at perfect heights for swatting at human heads

Before and after of my marathon of a backyard project

My quarantine project! I am a xray technologist by day and made a mascot for my department to add some fun during these stressful times!

My covid project

Made a miniature Simpsons ’polly pocket’ thing!

First quarantine project finished. {Pattern: Autumn mandala rainbow by NoussaCreation on Etsy}

My covid-19 project...

Second quarantine project, mountain shelves for my son's big boy room using simple pine board. Almost embarrassingly simply compared to the master pieces on this sub, but I'm proud of how it came out, especially the white cap

First quarantine project complete. A plant holder for my girlfriend

My covid project. Tons of free time and minimal experience

Actually managed to finish one of many quarantine projects lol

Our quarantine project was screening in and decorating the back porch. Having this to look forward to gets me through my insane work days!

Zero waste quarantine project: I made a baby doll for my daughter out of clothing scraps, remnants, and thrifted yarn. Stuffing is an old cotton apron I shredded

My Covid-19 and first ever woodworking project. Sofa armrest with integrated wireless charger and usb pass through

We completely reset our bedroom for our quarantine project

Covid-19 Confinement Project : Triforce Penny Floor

I got bored and decided to paint my room...

My quarantine project

Moved into a new apartment before quarantine started, gave us some time to upgrade our side yard! We built all the planters ourselves and are really excited to try gardening for the first time

Front yard COVID-19 project, before and after

Covid project- bathroom makeover. I did the painting and we hired out for the bathtub work

First Quarantine Project



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