$32 Hacking Tool Can Open Your Garage Door and Unlock Your Car

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Hacker Samy Kamkar is at it again and this time he will take away your good night sleep with this hacking tool. He figured out how to crack any Master Lock in 8 attempts or less, and now he’s created a $32 gadget that lets him unlock almost any car and trick garage door openers into granting access.

It’s an elegantly simple design, and the way it pilfers unlock codes is, too. For years now, vehicle manufacturers have been using single-use codes on their remote locks. Press the button on your fob and if the doors unlock, that code will never work again. Rolljam performs a man-in-the-middle attack, jamming the vehicle’s receiver and snatching a code before it can be used.

The vehicle doesn’t unlock, but most remote lock users will simply try again. Rolljam already has the one good code it needs, so it relays the second one and the locks open as usual. The stolen code can be used whenever a thief decides it’s time to cash out. Kamkar says virtually any vehicle with remote power locks is susceptible, and he’s tested in on Fords, Chryslers, Toyotas, Nissans, Volkswagens, and Cadillacs. RollJam even worked on a Lotus. Aftermarket systems are vulnerable, too.

Nobody’s made a move to update any older vehicles that are at risk yet. Maybe they’ll take action once Kamkar posts his source code to GitHub.

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