GTA 5 Online Mode Getting Many Updates This Year

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Rockstar announced some of the new content coming to Grand Theft Auto V‘s online mode later this year. In a post on the Rockstar Newswire, the developer teased that GTA Online fans can look forward to a “lot more to come in 2016, including some massive, feature-rich updates.”

One of these updates will provide players “further adventures in finance and felony,” continuing the theme of last year’s Executives and Other Criminals update. In this new content (it’s unclear if “further adventures in finance and felony” is indeed the title), players will enter the “lucrative and dangerous world of contraband trafficking.” Players can acquire “big new properties” that can be used as a base of operations for your criminal organization as well as a storing place for stolen goods.

“Manage inventory directly from your HQ, arranging to buy and sell anything from jewels to narcotics to medical supplies from a range of nefarious suppliers,” reads a line from the description. “Expect the unexpected as you head out with your team to make each pickup. Keep your stock in mint condition to maintain value and sell at a profit–and watch for raids on your warehouses between shipments!”


Another GTA Online update will add what Rockstar calls “cunning stunts.”

“For crazy vehicular action comes a major update to the wild world of GTA Online racing and stunting that will introduce a new realm of creative and fun games,” Rockstar said.

There will be new “stunt-ready” vehicles and gear, while more props will be added to the Rockstar Content Creator tool suite. No further details about any of these new content were provided.

In addition to these two updates, Rockstar says, even more, are coming that will add things like fresh Adversary modes. Additionally, Rockstar will introduce new arenas for the In and Out mode, which arrived in GTA Online last week. Looking further ahead, Rockstar said it will add more “fun competitive team-based modes,” though none were named or even hinted at.

Rockstar also mentioned that players can expect more weekly events like the Time Trials Week that is happening now. As part of these events, Rockstar offers extra RP and GTA$ for participating in certain playlists, though there was no mention of the modes that will offer bonuses in the future.

No specific details were shared regarding release timing for any of GTA V’s new updates and events; They will be released within this year for sure. So stay tuned for more juicy details and pictures.


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