3D Printed Edible Meat is Now a Reality Thanks To “Redefine Meat”

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3D Printed Edible Meat

I love a good hamburger. I love eating meat! I get that meat isn’t for everyone, but I love it! Well, now 3D-printed meat exists and it’s so weird to me that this is a thing that’s been made!

The food company Redefine Meat created the 3D-printed meat shared: “We study it to the finest detail in order to understand every aspect of each meaty bite. We believe the world deserves better meat, New-Meat. Meat that is delicious, good for the environment, and kinder to animals. The same great meat you know and love, simply better!”

This New-Meat is apparently supposed to be delicious. Now, this is plant-based meat, with “its taste, texture, and aroma, Redefine Meat’s New Meat delivers an uncompromising and extraordinary culinary experience.”

From a juicy steak, to a smokey brisket, our technology can fabricate any cut of meat a master butcher can. Our New-Meat is adaptable and suitable as an ingredient in any type of cuisine or as a part of any diet. Every REDEFINE MEAT product is developed along with the expertise of world-renowned chefs and meat experts, to ensure that you always enjoy a premium New-Meat culinary experience.

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