3D Printed Pi-Boy Classic Handheld Gadgets

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Pi-Boy Classic 3D Printed Portable Handheld Games Console

The Pi-Boy Classic is a homage to the gameboy classic but is 75 percent the size, which has been mixed with a little influence from the SNES-controller incorporating four buttons, and a bigger d-pad.

Combine the controller with the 5v battery-packs and a  Raspberry Pi A+ and an Adafruit PiTFT 2.4″ HAT case that was also created by Jooxoe3i and you have a great little portable gaming system.

The handheld games controller is also powered by a 5v battery-packs or more commonly known as phone chargers. For more information on the new Pi-Boy Classic jump over to the Thingyverse website for details via the link below.

This case is build around a Raspberry Pi A+ and a Adafruit PiTFT 2.4″ HAT with the main goal of being as compact/small as possible (only 17mm high! ) Inspired by Adafruits very nice Pocket PiGRRL. To achieve this the pin-sockets that came with the pitft was replaced by a cut down ic-socket and the raspberry pins where shortened – so that the pcb of the pitft sits (almost) directly on the highest components: the hdmi and usb sockets on the raspberry.

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