3D Printed Remote Control Car – Video

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3D Printed Remote Control Car

Graduate student Jakub Ratajczyk has unveiled an awesome 3D printed remote control car he has designed using his skills in robotics and 3D printing and a ZMorph 3D printer.

The three wheeled RC car was designed in Voxelizer, and can be seen in action in the video below together with a little of the design process.

3D Printed Remote Control Car

The 3DP website explains :

The name ZMorph itself came from the Greek word morphe, μορφή (form, signifying change; shape; form; shape; figuratively, nature), and the company says the name can be understood as “the one that creates objects in three dimensions.”

Ratajczyk, a graduade student at the Academy of Fine Arts, says his main interests lie in designing and 3D printing, but it’s a decade-long passion for modeling which led him into designing radio controllable units that drive or fly. Besides this RC car design, he’s also hard at work on his next project, a 3D print enabled RC airplane

Zmorph 3D printer can make your dreams come true! All you need is an idea, basic 3D modeling skills and Zmorph 3D printer alongside its Voxelizer software.


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