3D Printed Rubber Band Machine Gun

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3D Printed Rubber Band Machine Gun

Kirby Downey is a very creative creator of things and his creations are quite awesome to say the least, check out this incredible gun — he took childhood playful thing and turn it into a monster.

3D Printed Rubber Band Machine Gun

He also created 3D printable weapons and props which includes Rey’s Blaster NN-14 from the latest StarWars movie.

The new 3D printed rubber band machine gun has been published to the MyMiniFactory, Gun measures 400mm x 235mm x 275mm and is now available to purchase priced at $199 from the site online store or available to download for free and 3D print on your own 3D printer.

This is a fully Mechanical rubber band gun. The only parts not printed are the three M5 Threaded rods. and the two M5 Nuts. The video below shows the model in working and details how to assemble it!

Visit the MyMiniFactory website for more details.


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