3D Printed Star Wars TIE Bomber

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3D Printed Star Wars TIE Bomber

This amazing creation is by Deviant artist Mikoyan99, who has unveiled an awesome studio scale, Star Wars TIE Bomber that has been partly 3D printed and been built from scratch.

Mikoyan99 has also used a variety of aluminium pipes, acrylic tubing, and existing model parts to create the awesome Star Wars model.

3D Printed Star Wars TIE Bomber

Mikoyan99 explains a little more about the 3D printed Star Wars TIE Bomber:

“I’ve had model making as a hobby for about as long as I can remember; I tend to build aircraft, wooden ship models and the occasional sci-fi piece. I’ve wanted to build a TIE Bomber model for a few years now; aside from a few ‘garage’ resin kits, there aren’t really any model kits available, so I decided that building my own would be the best bet,

Scratchbuilt from aluminium, plastic, resin, and greeblies. The wings and canopy frame are from the MPC Darth Vader’s TIE fighter kit, as were the wings on the original studio model. Most of the larger components were drawn in CAD, then 3D printed and cast for the model.”


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