3D Printed Toyota’s 5-speed Transmission

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3D Printed Toyota's 5-speed Transmission

Mechanical engineer named Eric Harrell from California 3D printed something really interesting. He used his 3D printer and made a working replica of a Toyota 22RE 4-cylinder engine. Now he has made another Toyota drivetrain component to go along with that engine, and this time it’s a working 3D printed transmission.

The transmission is a 5-speed manual Toyota transmission that is made to match up with his 22RE 3D printed engine. The 3D printed transmission even shifts and has moving components inside. The only thing left for the engineer to 3D print now is a small car that the engine and trans can go in. Not all of the components inside the transmission came off the 3D printer though.

Some rods, nuts, bolts, and bearings are made from metal. Harrell says that if you can build his engine and transmission, you can probably build the real things because his parts are based on the real things. You can download all the files you need to print your own transmission from Thingiverse. Harrell will even answer questions if you get stuck. He does note that you may have to tweak the parts to fit depending on the 3D printer you use.


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