4 Gadgets For Soccer Lovers

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Soccer attracts fans across the globe, and the tech industry has responded with a range of cool gadgets. Some are novelties, while others can seriously enhance your enjoyment of the beautiful game. Here’s a rundown of the best.


#1 Smart balls

Smart balls are the ultimate gadget for anyone with even a passing interest in soccer. They vary in complexity (some will talk to you and offer real-time instruction), but they’re all designed to make you better at the sport. They’ll measure things like kick distance, power and speed, along with other parameters like precision and even spin. All of this is invaluable information, especially if you’re considering taking up soccer professionally. They don’t require much technical know-how, so it’s usually just a matter of turning them on and taking a kick.


#2 Boot dryer

There’s nothing worse than taking to the soccer pitch only to find that your boots are still damp from the last match. This is a particular problem in winter, and depending on where you store your cleats, they might never get the chance to dry out. Keeping soccer boots in a cupboard or out of direct sunlight fosters a moist atmosphere that encourages bacterial growth and gives boots a musty, unpleasant smell. That’s where the boot dryer comes in. Simply drop your boots into the machine at the end of a match and then – as if by magic – they’ll be dry in no time at all. Boot dryers aren’t energy-intensive either, and most use less electricity than a standard lightbulb.


#3 Biorhythm Calculator

Do you believe in things like fate and destiny, especially where the sport is concerned? If the answer is yes, then the biorhythm calculator is for you. Various sets of beliefs encourage the idea that your date of birth and where you were born have a dramatic effect on events and how they occur in later life. Lots of sports fans apply this superstition not only to their team’s matches but their own games. Some even use it to inform their sports betting choices. Of course, there isn’t any solid science operating behind this, but a biorhythm calculator will try to forecast events based on rhythms associated with your birth. It’s fun and harmless, and most soccer fans are at least a little superstitious!


#4 Massage gun

There are plenty of these available (and one to fit every price range). They’re the perfect gift if you’re buying for someone who plays soccer regularly and at a high intensity. Massage guns are handheld devices that apply rhythmic pressure to the muscles.

It might not sound like much, but this helps to prevent cramps and aches by reducing tension immediately after a match. Massage guns are popular among professional athletes the world over and there’s even evidence to suggest that they’re preferable to a massage performed with human hands. Moreover, most of them are small enough to fit inside a kit bag, so you can take them along and use them pitchside for immediate relief.

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