4 Hot Apps and Software That Lead the Tech Charge

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Hot Apps

With new technological advances every day, it can be hard to keep track of what’s most important in the industry. Here are four of the most exciting apps and software for today’s users.

Google Daydream

Set to come out in 2016 around the same time as Android N, this imaginative software promises to provide virtual reality experiences that are affordable and engaging. The demos revealed during Google I/O 2016 showed innovative content and reminded the audience that virtual reality technology is not just for gaming. With applications for social experiences, education, and video entertainment, this affordable virtual reality software and headset promise to make virtual reality more accessible to users worldwide.

PRTG Network Monitor

Managed IT service providers deal with a wide range of concerns, from data backup to security. Some companies, like Bedrock IT, offer managed IT services in Ottawa for technical support and infrastructure needs. When monitoring networks, service provides will find PRTG to be an invaluable tool. With bandwidth monitoring, proactive outage alerts, and a great track record among thousands of system administrators, it’s incredibly easy to use. This software is scalable, making it perfect for any size operation. As one of the best network monitoring solutions, PRTG combines innovation with practical reliability.

Project Tango

Project Tango challenges what’s possible with mobile phones. Designed with the capability to quickly create a 3D map of the world with photogrammetry, Project Tango is making waves in the world of augmented reality. For example, World is a whimsical app currently in development that combines the user’s surroundings with cartoony fantasy. However, it’s also possible to use Project Tango’s capabilities for pragmatic purposes, like measuring the real world using an already-released app called Measure or space education through an app called Saturn. Project Tango promises to change the way people interact with the world.

Gravity Gestures

Android devices can take advantage of Gravity Gestures, a mobile app that allows users to rotate or shake the device as a means of input. They work like shortcuts, where the user can assign a function to each movement and quickly do anything from opening a website to turning on the flashlight. With Gravity Gestures, it’s possible to use mobile devices more intuitively as useful tools, rather than complicated machines. Gestures promise to change the way people use mobile devices.

These four apps and software are already defining the world of tech. From virtual reality to gesture-based phone use, users are faced with a new world of possibilities.


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