4 Of The Best Modding Tools For MINECRAFT

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Minecraft is known for its customization. The game is simply brilliant and got an amazing amount of fan following, but with coding and mods, everything can be better!

Minecraft has increased in popularity from different age groups. Since the game’s first released on PC, various coders and programmers have taken the mission to make it better. And after hours and hours of exploration and mind-numbing coding, players have finally broken the code and made the gaming experience better for everyone.

If you Google the game, you would find hundreds if not thousands of Minecraft mods and packs. The Minecraft coding community has been steadily releasing these mods and making them available for everyone. So if you are just new to the game and to the community, then here are some of the best modding tools from the wild.


Minecraft Modinstaller

If you don’t know where to start or how to do the modding, we highly suggest you check the Minecraft Modinstaller. Besides the fact that it is free and they give out tons of mods for all Minecraft versions, it would also help you get into Minecraft modding.

With Minecraft Modinstaller, you would get a concept of how to choose, use, and install mods in Minecraft. Even though this would not specifically teach you Minecraft coding, you would get a fundamental sense of how everything works. So aside from getting all the mods that they give for free, you would also get to know the basics of Minecraft coding.



If you are into more specific and tailored modding tools, then you should search out tools like Enigma as well. It is one of the many modding tools out there that gives an effortless way to your very particular problem like deobfuscation.

Enigma is entirely open-source so you are free to use it however you like it.  The cool feature of this specific tool is to lets you import obfuscation maps to Minecraft.



This is another awesome free open source tool for Minecraft modding is MultiMC. It is a step ahead of MCreator.

MultiMC enables you to manage various mods, resource packs, saves, and more with a simplistic interface. This means you can have various Minecraft installs seamlessly and together.

This open-source launcher has a fresh and user-friendly interface so any level gamer would not have a difficult time using this tool. MultiMC gives flexibility to its users as well. You can decrease your Minecraft to an older version and export config packs in zip files. Added plus side to this tool is that it is very lightweight and it can easily run in the background even when you are playing the game.


Minecraft Forge

If you want to jump ahead of MultiMC and MCreator’s easy-to-use software, then we recommend you start getting to know and using Minecraft Forge as your modding tool.

Before you do anything or even install it, keep in mind that there are many things you need to do and some things that you need to install before you even begin setting up your modding scene on Forge.

These are some of the software you need to install and get to know about before you can use Minecraft Forge

  1. Java Developer Kit (JDK)

  2. Eclipse IDE

Besides this software, you can use any software that you are happy using as well. We just recommended the ones above because these are the most regularly used software with Minecraft Forge. Amateurs and even teachers who teach coding for kids used this software along with Minecraft Forge, So there you go some mods to get you into Minecraft modding scene and some to help you level up your game.

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