4 Player Co-op Space Game VOID CREW Reveal Trailer is Here!

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Exciting news for space adventure enthusiasts! A new game called Void Crew is on its way, and it promises to be a thrilling journey through the galaxy with up to four friends. The game is the result of a partnership between Focus Entertainment and Hutlihut Games, and it is set to be an action-packed adventure that will test your skills and your ability to work with others.

In Void Crew, humanity faces a grave threat from an enigmatic aggressor known only as the Hollow. As a member of a crew of up to four mavericks, you are among the chosen ones who must venture out into the void to bring order to the galaxy. You will be battling fearsome foes, salvaging valuable loot, and trying to stay alive as you reclaim humanity’s lost territory together.

To accomplish your mission, you will embark on the most advanced spacecraft ever built, and journey into deep space on thrilling missions that you and your crew never trained for. You will face all kinds of challenges, from asteroid storms and solar flares to hostile aliens and desperate human scavengers. It will take all of your skills and teamwork to survive.

In Void Crew, you can pick a role and prioritize your most urgent tasks with your crew, or just wing it and try to do everything at once. With each crew member having unique abilities and strengths, you’ll need to work together to overcome the challenges that come your way. From repairing damaged systems to managing resources and battling enemy ships, there’s always something to keep you on your toes.

One of the most exciting features of Void Crew is the ability to play with up to four friends. This means that you can form your own Void Crew and take on the galaxy together. Imagine exploring new planets, engaging in epic space battles, and looting valuable resources with your best buds by your side. It’s the ultimate way to bond and have fun with friends.

Void Crew doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is planned to come to PC via Steam. So keep an eye out for updates, and get ready to join the crew and embark on a thrilling space adventure like no other!

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