4 Real-Life Experiences That Mimic Video Games

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Want to mimic on-screen video game excitement in real life? Click here for 4 real-life experiences that mimic the best video games!

Video games are no longer a niche. In fact, nearly 70% of Americans play video games.

This activity can be thrilling. You probably think you couldn’t have this much fun in real life. However, there are many real-life experiences that mimic the best video games.

Apparently, the average gamer is 35, overweight, and sad. You can always benefit from getting out of the house and getting active.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your favorite video games in real life. Check out the below sections to discover how you can have video game experiences like never before.

  1. Escape Rooms

You need to be a real team player if you’re going to successfully break out of an escape room.

There are many video games where you embark on an adventure. But what if you could solve tricky puzzles and spot clues in a real-life experience? That’s why you should visit an escape room for the chance to discover this thrilling adventure with your friends or family.

  1. Human Pac-Man

Do you ever get nostalgic for Pac-Man? The 1980s video game was one of the most popular of early-generation video games.

However, have you ever wondered what it’d be like to be Pac-Man? You probably don’t get the chance to chase cookies through a maze, trying to eat them while escaping Pac-Dots.

And yet, over 15 years ago, the Singapore government-funded researchers to recreate the Pac-Man experience for the real world.

This amazing experience is definitely one of the best examples of proto-VR before the term became famous.

  1. Paintballing With Tanks

If you’ve ever been paintballing before, then you know it’s an amazing and fun experience.

However, did you ever feel that it could be slightly improved with tanks?

Fans of World of Tanks or Steel Armor: Blaze of War will already be hooked on driving tanks around on video games. But when you’re sat in the actual seat of a tank, you’ll know that real life is often better.

Splatting your buddies with fluorescent paint has never been more fun.

  1. Assault Courses

Around two-thirds of gamers prefer to play solo. You may not want to depend on any of your teammates to succeed at a game.

Super Mario is the perfect example of a video game where it’s highly competitive. If you’re slow, you’ll fall behind quickly.

Assault courses are surprisingly similar to the Mario games. You need to be fit and healthy to stand a chance of winning this race.

Go out and Try Video Game Life Experiences

Sometimes, you’re eager to get up out of your gaming chair. It’s time to experience video games in the real world.

These real-life experiences mimic the best video games for you to explore and enjoy with others. You’ll get the same buzz and excitement by leaving your home.

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