4 Reasons You Need a Better Router for Gaming

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Router for Gaming

In today’s WiFi era, one of the most important devices you ought to secure to enjoy the internet in your own home would most definitely be a router. In a nutshell, this is a device which allows you to connect to the internet in a wireless manner, although most routers also enable the old school connection through a wire. While internet speed nowadays depends upon your source, as well as your personal preference, unbeknownst to a lot of people, the router also has a lot to do with the overall speed, which is why you have to put due consideration in choosing one as well.

One of the most common reasons why people want to stay connected to the internet is due to the fact that they do online gaming. Given that you get to interact with other users, and at the same time be ahead of the game, there are a lot of reasons why getting the best router is something you’d want. If you have to wonder what kind of router we recommend for most people, it would be the one that allows you to carry out the 4 following reasons you need a better router for gaming.

More Powerful Performance for Gaming 

The first, and most obvious reason as to why you ought to get a good router for gaming are simply because having a weak processing system, RAM, or flash memory severely hampers you from doing much with your game. Graphics may be incompatible, and in a lot of instances, online gaming may turn out to be full of lags and delayed graphics, which could seriously undermine your performance in the game. Having an encryption/decryption for VPN usage is one of the characteristics that a powerful router for gaming has. With that said, make it a point to choose something like the Asus RT-AC87U, which comes with a 1Ghz Boardroom that’s dual-core, and hence, are built for high-performance gaming, as well as other specifications that may come in handy for online gaming.

More Versatility 

Another reason why you would need a more powerful router for gaming would have to be the versatility of your devices. One of the good things associated with Third party firmware is that they are an open source community, and is continuously updating and improving. Lower-end routers don’t usually have the capacity to be upgraded and given the necessary features. The DD-WRT, as well as the Tomato, re great choices in terms of versatility. Another characteristic of a versatile router is range expandability, which would help prevent the appearance of “dead spots”, or places at home where there are little to no signal, and hence allowing you to be able to play in the places of your home that you find most comfortable.

Better Online Security 

Security in the online world would always be one of the key issues that we face nowadays, given that some people make it a habit to break into router systems, not just to get connected to the internet, but also, possibly to take information from people as well. Leaving your network wide open leaves you vulnerable to these people, and thus you ought to have VPN-Compatibility networks which allow your network to be kept secure. One of the great attributes of having VPN service providers is having geo-restricted gaming options, which “tunnels” your online activity on highly encrypted servers to keep it as secure and as safe as it possibly could.

Better Performance Stability 

One of the common characteristics of routers and VPNs back in the day is constantly crashing and malfunctioning of the overall network. These are issues that seriously undermine one’s gameplay, especially when services experience a breakdown in the middle of it. Good routers are designed in such a way that these are prevented. A better router is one with a more reliable build and one which makes use of an open source firmware. Most of the time, the efficiency of the whole router depends upon the Firmware which you would be installing, which is why you ought to pick the perfect one for your router as well.


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