4 Steps to Protecting Your New iPhone Investment

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When Apple announces the release of a new iPhone many people begin plotting ways to get their hands on one. Those who are reading this likely fall into that category, and scoped out all of the closest AT&T locations to be one of the first in line for that shiny new iPhone.

Even though it’s been nicknamed the iPhone “excess”, the new Xs phones with iOS 12 do have a number of unique features that have the potential to change the way people use their smartphones. With the iPhone’s ability to wirelessly charge over the air a wired charger is less of a need, but taking protective measures is more important than ever. Here’s what Xs and Xs owners need to do.

Get a No-Nonsense Case

The iPhone Xs is the most expensive phone from Apple yet. With a price tag in the four figures, people shouldn’t even walk out of the store without a case already covering their pricy iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

The case needs to cover the back, corners and the entire edge of the iPhone. The main benefit of a case is it absorbs the impact in the event the phone is dropped. It also protects the exterior of the phone from scratches and dents. Because cases provide all-around protection, they are considered the number one accessory for a new iPhone.

The best cases offer good corner protection. Dropping a smartphone on the corner is particularly problematic. Most phones are now engineered to handle a flat drop by disbursing the impact. That’s not usually the case with a corner drop.

If you’re concerned about adding bulk to your slim iPhone Xs rest assured it all depends on the case. Today there are models that are extremely thin yet offer great protection.

Get a Serious Screen Protector

One of the best things about the Xs and the Xs Max is its gorgeous OLED screen. And the edge-to-edge display is something iPhone users have been waiting for. Even though it’s the same dimensions in the hand, the screen displays are an inch larger than the iPhone 8 models.

The last thing anyone wants to happen is for that amazing screen to get scratched, cracked or shattered. That sort of thing really hinders the viewing experience. Research from Motorola found 34% of American smartphone users have cracked their screen at some point.

Even though screens are more durable than ever, it helps to get a screen protector. This thin piece of film can safeguard against many cracks and scratches. They are particularly good at preventing scratches, which can weaken the screen and eventually cause a crack. The experts at iFixIt said scratches are inevitable and they see them on virtually every phone they repair. To improve longevity it’s best to place a protective film over the display and you’re good to go.

Get an Extended Warranty Protection Plan

Anyone who’s ever damaged an iPhone knows that some fixes aren’t cheap. Fortunately, drops in shallow water are no longer an issue, but there are plenty of other ways to damage a new iPhone.

If you’re the type that tends to need at least one fix a year an extended warranty plan is a good idea. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Every new iPhone automatically comes with a year of hardware repair coverage.
  • AppleCare+ for iPhone offers two years of hardware repair coverage, two accidental damage repairs, and software support. But it’s pricey at $199 and there are service fees.
  • Owners can now add Theft and Loss protection to an AppleCare+ plan, but it costs $269 extra for an Xs or Xs Max.
  • There are third party warranty plans from providers like SquareTrade are more affordable at around $150 for two years.

A warranty isn’t cheap so if you are fairly careful and use a sturdy case along with a screen protector you may want to bypass the added protection. One fix will probably cost less than the warranty, but two fixes within two years will likely end up costing more than the warranty plan.

Insurance Through a Phone Carrier

One thing that’s missing in most warranty plans is theft and loss protection. AppleCare+ now offers this as an add-on, but it’s very expensive. Phone carriers also offer theft and loss plans along with repair coverage that is typically cheaper overall. No matter how careful a person is, loss and theft are always a possibility so insurance is a sound protection measure.

If you’re eager to start using your new iPhone that’s understandable, but taking a few safety precautions upfront has now become a must. At the very least, it’s a good idea to have a case ready to go as soon as the iPhone comes out of its box.


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