4 Things You Can Do to Acquire More Instagram Likes

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Would you like to acquire more Instagram likes? ‘Like’ is the biggest currency on Instagram. The more likes you have, the higher the chance that your posts get to move to higher user news feeds. Acquiring more likes on your posts also ensures your future posts get exposure even more.

Instagram works by showing its users more of what they had previously shown interest in. More likes on Instagram also come with benefits such as increased number of followers. Some people can even check your entire account if they like what you share.

Likes can become an important component of your Instagram strategy if only planned properly. You can take advantage of various strategies to get more likes on your Instagram posts. Here’s how to get 10k followers on Instagram:

Top 4 Strategies for Increasing Your Instagram Likes

1. Share Working Images

Images from the most important part of an Instagram strategy. Whenever you share an image or post anything, don’t forget about what makes your followers to like your posts. Look at your past or existing photos and analyze them to identify those with the most likes.

If you are new to Instagram or have never posted anything in the past, check your competitors’ accounts to see what they post. Once you have an idea of the type of photos they post, create similar ones and share them on your account. There are two types of images you can share on Instagram: designed images and photos.

If you want to share a photo, add filter then publish it. However, if you’re sharing a designed image, add quotes, anything entertaining or facts for a personal touch.

2. Use Hashtags and Call to Actions in Captions

Ask for likes if you really want them. For instance, tweets get retweets, especially if the author or poster asks for it. Asking for likes could be as simple as adding short messages such as ‘please like this post’ in the caption.

Nowadays, most companies publish quotes and ask people to like them. This strategy has been used to get many likes on Instagram and thus it can also work for you.

3. Re-share on Other Social Networks

If you have people following you on other social media platforms, secede to re-share your posts on them. Cross-sharing of posts might lead more users to follow your Instagram account, hence getting you more likes. Instagram can enable you to share your posts on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Like Other Posts

Randomly like related images on Instagram to increase the likelihood of getting likes on your posts. This strategy is worth trying, especially if you have business goals. Liking posts related to your business can still earn you more likes on your posts. You’ll also gain more followers, expanding your reach online.


The strategies discussed above have been proven to work in getting more likes on Instagram. If successfully deployed, you achieve 1000+ likes in no time. Implementing the strategies won’t even take up much of your time.

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