4 Things You Should Know About Elo Boosting

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Elo boosting is a gaming practice where an experienced player known as the booster accesses another player’s account, the boostee, and plays a ranked game, his intention being to boost the rating of the boostee.

Elo boosting is beneficial in that it saves you the player so much time and stress playing and allows you to access high ranks and unlock cool stuff which you wouldn’t be able to by yourself.

Here are 4 things you should know about elo boosting:


  1.    It Helps You Save A Lot Of Time

Elo boosting saves you a substantial amount of time making it super awesome for gamers. On a normal gaming experience, getting to the level of Gold and higher can practically take a few months to accomplish. Things get tougher when you are stuck at a low elo like Bronze. To be able to reach to Gold in a short time span, elo boosting can help a great deal.

When an experienced player plays on your account, the speed by which you rank up increases. As such, you can reach the goal you desire faster than you would when you put on the effort yourself.

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  1.    It Gives You A Competitive Advantage Over Other Players

If you’re playing League of Legends with your group of friends, you will realize that it is quite competitive since everybody in the group is striving to be the best and will make every effort possible to make sure they achieve exactly that.

With elo boosting, you can gain a competitive advantage over your friends and outshine everyone in your group with minimal effort. With boost, you’ll be able to beat everyone without working too hard. You end up ranking higher than all your friends without any of them knowing that you are using elo boosting.


  1.    It Helps You Maintain Your High Rank

It’s always a stressful and time-consuming affair trying to maintain your high rank when playing League of Legends. If you take a few days off from playing the game, you’ll end up losing your rank and dropping a few positions down or even get demoted.

Elo boosting helps prevent this. A super experienced player playing on your account when you are off the game for some time can tremendously boost your rank up. If you intend to take some time off from League of Legends, using elo boosting will help maintain your high rank in the meantime.

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  1.    Elo Boosting Is Quite Cheap

Elo boosting may appear to be expensive but in reality, it isn’t. For a price similar to that of a legendary skin, you can be able to boost your rank over that of other players. It is actually much cheaper for players with lower divisions. With a few dollars, you can be able to reach the Gold division faster by spending less.

The more experienced you are at League of Legends, the cheaper it will be for you. If you are in the Silver division, you’ll not have to spend a lot to rise to Gold.


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