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To many people, the term transcription would mean listening to an audio clip and converting it to text manually. It is a very common name in the courtrooms as well as in the newsrooms. But technology is taking it to a whole new level. Audio to text converter online is making transcription pretty simple by automating the whole process. Most of these tools, such as are fantastic in how they transcribe audio clips.

There are many benefits that come along with using audio to text converter online, such as Audext app. In this post, we are going to look at some of the reasons why you should consider transcribing audio to text using these tools. Here are some of the main benefits that these online audio text converters are offering:


  1. It’s A Very Effective Way To Distribute Information

It is has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that text is the most effective way of distributing information. In fact, this has been proven over centuries as the text material has been the main carrier of human history. Using audio clips is good, but getting access to this information requires sophisticated technologies that not everyone has them. But with text, anyone who can read can access it anywhere everywhere.

In addition, you can have it in various forms, including pdf or .doc formats. You can also have it in a printed version or hard copy. That is one of the major reasons why having audio to text converter online is important.


  1. Easy Transfer Of Knowledge

Imagine that you are in a class and your friend was unable to attend that class but would like to know what is going on. Then, the best way for them to follow the lecture is by getting notes of the proceedings.

That is where audio to text converter tools comes in to help you. You can easily have the lecturer’s audio transcribed to text and then send it over to your friend. That is how is making it easy for you. If you are in a meeting where you need to keep the rest of the members informed, you just need to use the Audext app to convert audio files to text and send the notes over to them.


  1. More Viewers

In the last few years, advertising channels such as YouTube have become increasingly popular. With more people turning to the digital world for information, the writings are on the wall that such channels will become even bigger in the future. To make your advert attract more viewers, you need more than just uploading an audio clip.

Having subtitles is one of the ways to keep viewers coming because some would have difficulties with the accents used in the audio clip. Some words would be misheard, and thus, your advert may not reach the intended market. Therefore, transcription tools like Audext will play a significant role in making ads in such channels more effective.


  1. Journalists Can Quickly Find Quotes Within A Lengthy Interview

As a journalist, it can be a little bit tasking to find quotes after a lengthy interview. Sometimes, the time may not be on your side, and you will need to make highlights really quick to beat deadlines. If you go the traditional way, you will need to listen to the audio clip over and over again to get the quotes, and that can be a daunting task. But if you transcribe the original interview from audio to text, then it is very easy to find quotes. If you are looking to convert audio to text in a seamless and hassle-free way, visit this website, an AI-Powered speech recognition platform. You can then record your audio on the go and see your audio getting converted to text in real-time. With word document on your computer, you can go straight to keywords in the story where you think you can get the quotes. That is how easy it is.


  1. Benefit For Students-Higher Education To Dictate A Dissertation Or Lecture

Nothing can be tiring in a lecture class than taking dictation of a dissertation or a lecture. It is not only time consuming but boring as well. But with converting an audio file to text using these audio-to-text converters is making things pretty easy for students. They no longer need to write or type dictations because transcription tools like the Audext app will convert audio fi to text automatically.

Audio to text converter online apps such as is the biggest thing in the transcription world. They are making it possible to transcribe audio to text hence making it easy for industries to deal with audio as the primary form of data collection. If you are a journalist, psychologist, or student, these are tools that will make your work easier than ever.


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