5 Benefits of Esports for Young People

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While many of us would rather see our children enjoying the great outdoors than stuck in front of a screen, the benefits of video games and esports should not be overlooked. In fact, competitive gaming can yield some significant developmental benefits. Esport competition requires strategy and communication, fostering critical thinking and teamwork. The rise in esports tournaments also means that young video gamers also have legitimate career paths to explore.


Boosts Brain Function

While many parents struggle to manage the amount of screen time their children are exposed to, some level of exposure to video games is good. A challenging video game can provide youngsters with a rigorous workout for their gray matter. In fact, studies have demonstrated that some video games improve cognitive ability and aid memory retention. A healthy level of gaming has positive effects on several parts of the brain. In particular, the regions of the brain associated with problem-solving ability benefit from engaging with challenging video game titles.


Improved Dexterity & Hand-Eye Coordination

Just as with conventional sporting activities, esports requires considerable hand-eye coordination. However, unlike regular sports, video gaming requires a specific kind of asymmetrical hand-eye coordination. In other words, gamers need to carry out different tasks at the same time. For those playing a game that requires the use of both a keyboard and mouse, these separate tasks can be very different indeed. Nonetheless, these specific tasks need to be carried out simultaneously, with high levels of focus and precision. Although console gaming is relatively simple in comparison to PC gaming, each hand still needs to carry out distinct tasks. Some studies have shown that playing video games can significantly improve hand-eye coordination, as well as improve memory function.


Creates Social Networks & Builds a Sense of Community

In order to thrive, young people need to socialize. Esports offers the perfect arena for youngsters to foster meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. Some kids struggle to make friends in the classroom or on the playground but find it far easier to connect with those with similar interests online. By participating in online leagues and cooperative games, youngsters can develop communication skills and build confidence. The growing number of live esports events also provides these video game enthusiasts with an arena in which they connect in real life. Platforms like 1337PRO are also packed full of information for those keen to stay updated on what’s going in the world of esports, allowing youngsters to engage with online discussion relating to their favorite players, tournaments, and titles.


Genuine Career Prospects

A budding interest in esports can lead to a promising career for youngsters passionate about video games. While development roles have long been achievable, the broadening esports sector is bringing a whole new raft of career prospects. Those youngsters engaging with esports are likely to be far more serious about video games. This involved interest will naturally lead to deeper insights that can be fostered over time. As they got older, youngsters can start considering forging a path in the video game and esports industries. Industry insiders forecast that the video games industry is likely to be worth more than 300 billion dollars by 2025. That means a huge rise in the number of designer and developer roles, but also a considerable boost to the number of marketing and promotional roles, event management positions and more.


Higher Education & Scholarships

Not everyone has access to higher education, with socioeconomic factors locking out millions from obtaining a college degree or postgraduate qualification. In the past, those facing financial hardship could look to college sponsorship programs to help them progress, but such schemes were often only available to the best athletes or those scoring top grades. However, more and more colleges are embracing esports. In addition to offering degrees in esports, many establishments have also introduced their own esports varsity programs.

Everyone needs a break from the screen sometimes, but the benefits of esports to young people can no longer be overlooked. Enjoyed in moderation, esports can help boost problem-solving ability and improve communication. Those who are particularly skilled behind the keyboard or console controller can also turn their passion for video games into a lucrative career.


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