5 Benefits Of Gaming Keyboards

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Gaming Keyboards

The world of PC gaming has evolved over the years. Games today have immersive stories, fantastic graphics, and—since the rise of esports which is a slam-bang affair watched by almost half a billion people worldwide, with prizes amounting to almost USD$35 million—a highly competitive vibe. Professional gamers are even treated like celebrities—in Korea, that is.

Gamer gears have also evolved, with the average cost of a gaming PC ranging from USD$800 to 1200. With a budget like that, every piece of hardware has to be geared toward the gamer—including the keyboard.  

So, how can a gaming keyboard benefit a gamer? 

Pro or not, to a gamer, a good gaming keyboard, partnered with a kick-ass mouse, can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a game. That online real-time strategy (RTS) games can get ultra-competitive among gamers. Just ask their mothers. So, for gamers, everything and anything that can give them even an iota of advantage are important, especially if it means higher actions per minute (APM).   

Now, here are the ways:  

  • Fast, Precise, Tactile

The switches in a gaming keyboard have a faster response time. Gaming keyboards also have that “click” you can hear or feel when you press down a key. This provides not only satisfying tactile feedback but also helps to increase precision when typing. Accidentally missing a keystroke due to not fully pressing down a key is lessened.

Fast response, precise keystrokes, and tactile feedback all add up to a gamer’s APM, especially when a gamer is raiding enemy bases where lightning-fast reaction time is crucial. Check these gaming keyboard reviews and see what the best gaming keyboards have in common. 

  • Durability

Gaming keyboards take a lot of pounding. Whatever game genres you’re playing—RTS, first-person shooters (FPS), sports, massive multiplayer online games (MMOG), simulation, or role-playing games (RPG)—your keyboard can take a lot of abuse. An ordinary membrane switch keyboards can take an estimated 1 to 10 million keystrokes; a really nice one could even boast of 20 million keystrokes. 

However, the more popular gaming keyboard brand is rated at 50 million keystrokes, while another is rated at 80 million. Gaming keyboards are also dust and water-resistant. So, with heavy gamer use, they could potentially last you about 10 to 15 years. If you’re a gamer, a gaming keyboard is a very good investment.  

Mechanical Keyboard

  • Comfortable To Use

Whether you’re trying to level up your character, grinding for loot, raiding a base, pursuing a tricky quest, or battling a boss, a gaming session can last for several hours. Having a keyboard that’s easy and comfortable to use is a big boon—a requirement, even. 

The keys on a gaming keyboard are nicely-spaced and are comfortable to use during those protracted gaming sessions. The keyboard is also shaped to accommodate your hands, mitigating wrist pain and discomfort.    

  • Macro Keys

Probably the best advantage a gaming keyboard can give you is the macro keys. These are a row of keys that you can program to do gaming tasks. For instance, you can program certain keystroke patterns for creating a specific sequence, like for attacking a big boss or picking up loot. 

You can also set a keystroke pattern for combination attacks in fighting games, which could really come in handy. Basically, macro keys can simplify commands so that you won’t have to remember complicated key sequences or hotkeys.

  • Backlights

Many gamers are notorious for their love of adding bling on their gaming PC. Their cases might have RGB fans, and if so, their keyboard should have RGB backlighting, too. Keyboards can have multi-colored backlights that gamers can customize. It may be a touch of gaudy for some, but hey, RGB keyboards are fun.

Truth be told, RGB backlights aren’t just for fun. They do have a practical purpose. You can customize a keyboard’s backlight to any color you want, which is very useful when you’re gaming in a dark room—like when you’re playing Resident Evil, and the only light is the pale blue your gaming keyboard emits, suffusing your room with an eerie, bluish glow. Talk about game immersion, right?        


Gaming keyboards are specially designed for gamers to give them every advantage. Gamers can customize macro keys, and the keyboards are comfortable to use. Moreover, they’re a good investment; a good gaming keyboard can practically last a lifetime.  

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