5 Best External Hard Drives for Gamers

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External Hard Drives

If you’re the kind of gamer that likes to bring their Steam games collection with them, or maybe you just need a lot of storage space, then external hard drives are your best solution. In addition to an SSD or hard drive for your local storage needs, the best portable hard drive is a worthy addition to your gaming gears.

With the advent of faster interfaces such as Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type C Gen 2, external hard drives have become much more enticing, as the speed difference between an external and internal drive becomes unapparent. And in today’s market, the best storage drives have become more affordable and come in increasingly larger capacities. So, without further ado, here are the five best external hard drives for gaming use:

  1. Samsung Portable SSD T5

For those who want a jack of all trades—portability, capacity, speed—and for those willing to cash out a lot of money for a premium product, then this external SSD is one of the best solutions out there. It has the fastest speed among all USB drives, with the same storage capacity as most hard drives, and a compact form factor that can fit your front pockets.

This compact external drive uses a USB Type C Gen 2 interface, providing its user’s fast speeds up to 10 Gbps, shock resistance, and a metal external body and support frame. This SSD doesn’t sacrifice any storage space for speed, as it offers 2 TB of storage space. However, if the 2 TB model seems a lot, then the less expensive 1 TB, 500 GB, and 250 GB models are also available for you.

  1. Western Digital Passport 4 TB

If you’re into hauling large amounts of data, such as games, music, movies, etc., or if you’re looking to backup your whole computer data, then the WD Passport 4 TB is perfect for your big backup and hauling chores, without breaking the bank.

With 4 TB of storage space for only $120, this offers a lot of space not only for your games but also for anything you want up to fill up its massive capacity. Even though it’s not as compact as other offerings, it’s still as portable as most hard drives, just a little bit beefier. This hard drive also includes additional features such as a USB 3.0 interface, WD backup software, hardware encryption, and password protection.


  1. Toshiba 1 TB Canvio Basics

If you’re just into the “basics,” then this low-cost hard drive will cater to your basic needs, may it be storing Steam games, in-game video captures, or any other data you’d like, without the premium with features of course.

This external hard drive offers a 1 TB and 500 GB models at a cheap price and features a fast USB 3.0 interface and a compact design. So, as long as you won’t need massive amounts of data storage and you don’t mind uninstalling and reinstalling games at standard HDD speeds, then this product is an excellent choice for you.

  1. Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro

Although not all gamers need a wireless hard drive, it’s still essential for those who do. Isn’t it more convenient to get rid of those wires and connect multiple devices at the same time? If you’re gaming on WiFi-enabled devices, then the answer would probably be yes.

This wireless external hard drive provides a premium feel and offers features such as wireless connectivity over 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz channels, an impressive 6,400 mAh built-in battery, 2 TB of storage space, SD card slot, fast wireless transfer speeds, USB 3.0 support and simplified software setup.

  1. Seagate Expansion 8 TB

This one is for the prolific gamer who likes to buy an external hard drive with a large enough space to never think about storage again. However, the massive storage space comes in with a hefty price tag, obviously.

This large external hard drive offers 8 TB of storage and features USB 3.0 compatibility, elegant design, bundled software, up to 195 Mbps transfer speeds, and energy efficiency. So, if you don’t mind having an extra power adaptor and a bulky hard drive, then this perfect for your gaming and storage needs.


Closing Thoughts

Storage, particularly external hard drives, has become more affordable as modern technology advances. Whether you’re getting one for the convenience of portability or for just everyday storage needs, having a reliable portable hard drive will always come in handy. So, choose one with the features that will give the most advantage to your gaming needs.

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