5 Best Free Travel Apps for Your Next Cruise

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Travel Apps

If, like most globetrotters, you want to get the most out of your traveling experience, then utilizing the best free travel apps is essential!

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is your first time taking a cruise, travel apps are the key to making a trip more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

The following is a list of our favorite and essential apps that are sure to enhance your travel experience and help give you the trip of a lifetime. Be sure to give some of them a try!

  1. Cruise Finder

To take a cruise and enjoy it, you first have to choose the right one. Cruise Finder is an app that makes finding the right cruise for you a breeze! There are a ton of different cruises to choose from and it can be a little overwhelming without some help.

The app makes it simple to navigate and search for available cruises across all major cruise lines. You can even search by destination, port, cruise line, and then it will provide you with all of the details.

Time to start thinking about where you want to set sail to—cruises to Mexico are a great way to spend your vacation and our personal favorite!

  1. Travel List

Once you have your destination set and have your itinerary saved on your phone, it’s time to start packing! There’s no better app than Travel List when it comes to being organized and ready for a trip.

This app will set you up with preset items and keep you organized by categories. You can create simple checklists and then mark them off as you pack away. You can even set alerts to remind you of the most important items, like your phone charger.

  1. Ship Mate

This app is great after you’ve bought your tickets and you’re ready to set sail. You can look up your itinerary on the app and it will bring up every detail you could ever want for your specific trip. Ship Mate even has a live deck cam!

  1. Deck Director

If you have a bad sense of direction like many of us do, then this is a must-have app while on a cruise. Deck Director provides you with a full layout of your ship and can help you navigate through each floor. This is especially useful on larger cruises!

  1. Google Translate

Taking a cruise to a country that speaks another language? No worries, Google Translate features 103 different languages for text translation. Lose the confusion and be ready with this translator app.

It even can translate 59 of those languages offline!

Its Vacation Time—Put the Best Free Travel Apps to Use

Utilizing the right apps while traveling on your vacation can make a world of a difference in your experience. You worked hard to deserve this vacation and with these apps, you can make planning easier, be more organized, and personalize all your needs.

These are the best free travel apps, so be ready and get them on your phone now so you can set sail and enjoy your next vacation! For more helpful content, check out the other articles on our site.


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