5 Best-In-Slot Items Of World Of Warcraft Classic

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World Of Warcraft Classic

The best characteristic of playing endgame in World of Warcraft Classic is all the new acronyms you will get to know. Those days are gone when all you needed to know was PVE and PVP. As you proceed through the high-level dungeons and game raids you start to see some really cool gear drop, and the term “BiS” starts floating around. This term is known for “Best in Slot” and it’s the most useful piece of gear you can have in that very slot at your level. You can also buy WoW Classic Items from this link if you want to progress faster and you are short on time.


5. Lieutenant Commander’s Dreadweave Spaulders

Most of the items are Class-specific but not restricted to a faction, and it is not the only one. There seems to be a link between Warlocks since most of their best in slot gear are the same no matter which side you are on. If you see “Dreadweave” in the name, it’s possibly a high-level item that only a Warlock can make use of.

The Lieutenant Commander’s Dreadweave Spaulders are the best in slot item for Warlock shoulders. They give a hike to all magical spells and influences plus an improved chance for a critical blow, which is always excellent for ‘Locks.


4. Azuresong Mageblade

There will be other casters that have this on their wishlist as well, so even “Mage” is in the name doesn’t imply that’s the only class that can work on this. Warlocks covet this blade just as important and if you’re Alliance, the Protection and Holy Paladins in your attack are going to use this, too.

Any class that can use a sword and uses mana wants this item for sure. It doesn’t just have fabulous stats, either, it just looks cosmic. Anyone who follows the character of Gandalf, who was also a magician who carried a sword, is going to run on this item, It is a cool item to have.


3. Green Lens

The Green Lens feels like a normal sort of item and even its name is not exciting enough, but it’s one of the most complicated items of the game. It takes the place of a helm even then it’s just a monocle that only cover the eye. Out of all the items here, this is the only one that needs a particular profession and a specific level to use.

If you are an Engineer with a level of 245 can use the Green Lens, which is an excellent way to knock out some conflict as the item itself is the BiS for some classes. Elemental Shamans and Balance Druids are two of several examples.


2. Arcanite Reaper

Enhancement Shamans should be happy to know, as this important weapon is yours to handle. Not to be mixed with the weapon the Arcanite Ripper, which is actually a crazy guitar decorated with a skull, this is one of those blue things that should really be a purple because of how crazy the statistics are.

The speed and damage are well above average, then you get a crazy buff to your offensive power when you outfit it. And don’t worry about going to get it, as you actually make it rather of waiting for it to drop in the field. You need a Blacksmith with a skill of 300, but it’s well worth all the work.


1. Snowblind Shoes

These are very new to the game, World Of Warcraft Classic, as they fall from the world boss Azuregos who was just added to the game in November 2019. He patrols everywhere in the southern Azshara and his respawn time is very long.

It’s likely that some servers haven’t even used them yet, and the ones that have no doubt hosted some dangerous drama about his drops. They recover mana and give the user a ludicrous buff to spells to both damage and healing. Get those alts out to everyone’s favorite zone and be on alert in the game.

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