5 Best Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android 2019

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Truck Simulator 3D

In this piece, you will learn about 5 Best Truck Driving Simulator Games for Android 2019. The good thing about them is they are free apps but they provide realistic truck driving. If you seriously start thinking about truck driver career, you can get much useful information provided by Truckzeal.

The top trucking games listed below are created with various goals and from the customer’s perspective. Each driving`s simulator game is designed with multiple speed levels and gaming ambiance.

Truck Simulator 3D

Forget about parking and become a true driver by playing the truck simulator 3D. This game is designed in the USA and features eleven USA cities with great visuals. You can also choose from the eight incredible brand trucks.  Which one do you prefer? Regardless, of your choice, you can drive your truck in the traffic car structure. This is one of the best truck simulators for Android.

You can also fine-tune the truck to the way you love it since its different trucks allow customization. You will have a realistic driver experience thanks to its realistic physics and the American map with major cities. Moreover, it has a night and day cycle decorated with smooth and amazing graphics. There is also an interior camera in all the trucks.

American 3D Truck Driving

American 3D Truck Driving

Become the king of the road with this simulator. You can pick the load then drive it according to the transport mission to the warehouses in the city. If you want to be a real American driver, you should upgrade this truck for improved driving. When you run out of gas or need repairs you can refuel at the gas stations and repair this American Truck at the service stations available in the game.

This simulation game is designed for real drivers. It features transport controls to assist you in driving while in the simulation. The game offers you night and day cargo driving based on the different missions of this large American truck, it is also the best truck simulator for Android.

USA (18 wheeler) Truck Driver

This incredible simulator game offers you another new twist to American driving games. Strive to be the most wanted American Truck parker and drive across the intercontinental locations for practice based on the various missions of this game.

Wouldn’t you want to know how driving an 18 wheeler feels like? This simulator will provide you with a real life 18-wheeler driving experience as you explore new astounding places as well as fantastic highways.

Some of the unique features include driving a plethora of established rig brands with realistic V8 sounds and enjoy the smooth and great graphics interiors. You could drive across the USA while transporting stuff like gasoline, vehicles, food, animals, trucks, clothes, packages and more. Become a real big rig driver as you enjoy the implemented Canada, Mexico and America highways.

Heavy Truck Simulator

Do you want to be the king of the road? This simulation game will help achieve that. You can choose from the multiple car brands to travel across the amazing Brazilian locations. You can sleep while driving thanks to the sleeping simulation. The game features great quality graphics and you can customize these graphics to suit your needs.

There are also a lot of jobs and trailers and in case you run out fuel while driving across the many Brazilian cities, you can refill it at the fuel stations. Holes and bumps in the dirt roads plus the realistic gameplay and physics add more fun and reality to this game.

Euro (simulator) Truck Evolution

This is a good mobile game and enables you to become a true Euro Truck driver. Just from its name, it features a lot of European trucks with various customization alternatives. Moreover, based on the visuals you could travel to amazing places like Prague, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid and more. The unique feature about the game is it supports an online free multiplayer mode, allowing you to test your skills as compared to your friends.

Some of its other main features include the twelve brands of cars to offer you a lot of options when choosing. It also offers you a realistic truck driving experience in over twenty realistic cities. You can go ahead and download this game and enjoy incredible engine sounds. You could also play the Euro Truck Simulator’s career mode and make some cash.

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