5 Canadian Celebrities Who Are Into Gambling

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Celebs are not aliens. They are people with their passions, preferences, and hobbies, just working hard in the showbiz sphere. INow the distance between idols and fans is getting smaller and smaller thanks to the Internet. And we can see celebrities live their lives — and gambling — right in our social media feeds.

So which Canadian celebrities are known to be avid gamblers? Who loses, and who wins? We may not be able to match them in the size of our bets, but we all have a love of gambling in common.


Pamela Anderson

In the ’90s and 2000s diva, Canadian actress, and model is known for her scandalous relationship, including similarly controversial gambling. Though, we can’t name her as a lucky player.

In an interview with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Pamela revealed that she owed $125,000 to a Las Vegas casino in 2007. She paid off the debt by becoming involved with famous poker player Rick Salomon. That is what we call a proper use of resources.

Pamela is well-known as an avid poker fan. In 2012 Pamela launched Facebook room BamPoker, which ran online Texas Hold ’em tournaments. Pamela was a spokeswoman for the room and a poker enthusiast playing and chatting with visitors.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry

Canadian-American actor and comedian is famous for his role in the TV series Friends, which has shaped the culture of an entire generation. Matthew regularly attends charity events and poker tournaments. We either can’t tell if he’s a lucky gambler. He says that he has ups and downs as an average player in this field.

In 2015, he made media headlines for being photographed by paparazzi at 6 am sitting at Commerce Casino. There he was playing three-card poker and was rumored to have lost a handsome sum. Or, maybe not, if we count his own words about winning the same amount. The truth stays hidden.


Jennifer Tilly

The father of the Canadian-American actress was an avid poker player and taught his daughter to play the video game World Series of Poker. After which, Jennifer had no trouble learning how to play real poker.

Tilly indeed deserves her title as a queen of poker. Also, she has a vast filmography, including roles in Bound, Liar Liar, and Chucky horror franchises. Tilly earned Academy Award, Saturn Award, and MTV Award for her roles.

She is married to Phil Laak and is as good as her husband. She won the 2005 WSOP bracelet in the Ladies’ No-Limit Texas hold ’em, beating 600 entrants. Additionally, Jennifer has played and won in tournaments such as the WPT Ladies Invitational, GSN Poker Royale, and Celebrity Poker Showdown.

By the summer of 2017, her winnings totaled over $992,000. Truly talented woman!



In 2013, the Canadian music producer made Forbes’ list one of the world’s highest-paid DJs. But, interesting to know, he isn’t into poker only; he likes all games of chances.

Microgaming made an online slot machines named after him to honor his passion. Unsurprisingly, after all, his residency is in Las Vegas!

In 2013, the musician made headlines but not for his avid playing. Blackjack shark Don Johnson offered to play a Bon Jovi song for $200,000 – and after the DJ performed the task, Don refused to pay. The club owner solved the conflict but later sued Don Johnson.



The Canadian hip-hop figure is known as a high roller at top casinos. No wonder, as he was voted the fifth richest rapper in the world by Forbes in 2019. With that kind of wealth, he can afford to lose thousands of dollars at casinos. He doesn’t hide his passion for gambling either.

Rapper fans can find an early video of the artist losing his watches at a dice game to his friend. It runs in the family: Drake’s father is an avid sports betting fan.

In 2020, the rapper bought a watch in the form of a mini roulette wheel. By the way, the roulette in the clock functions like a real one. Plus, Drake and several other investors support an esports startup and co-own the 100 Thieves esports club.

Well, gambling doesn’t distinguish between who’s a celebrity and who’s an ordinary person. Luck is equally indifferent to all. The important thing is that we all enjoy our favorite games!

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