5 Dangerous Car Gadgets

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If you’re like a lot of other people you absolutely adore your car. Maybe you look after it better than you look after yourself, so I’m sure you love kitting it out with all the latest gadgets. Those don’t come cheap, but you already know that and it’s the reason why you’re very careful about what you spend your money on. Somewhere out there people take it too far by using crazy gadgets you wouldn’t want anywhere near your car. Let’s take a closer look at them so you know what to avoid.

Colored fog lights

Some people seem to think colored fog lights work better than regular ones, but do you think they’re right? No, they are not right. When you have fancy lights shining straight ahead of you it’s only going to distract a driver coming towards you. You don’t want to distract anyone, but especially the ones who could smash into your head on. You might look cooler with colored fog lights, but please just stick to the regular ones and the road will be a safer place.

A dashboard TV screen

Watching a DVD while you’re driving your car isn’t the brightest idea in the world, but try telling that to the people who have a TV screen mounted on their dashboard. Even when you’re stuck in a traffic jam it’s not a good idea because you still need to keep moving forwards every few minutes. It’s a recipe for disaster and it will only be so long before you smash into the car in front of you because you don’t want to take your eyes of a fight scene.

A window mounted GPS system

Unless you’re driving into the unknown you definitely shouldn’t have your GPS system on display all the time because it’s just not needed. When people mount them on their windscreen they are just waiting for trouble. Imagine if there was something lying in the middle of the road that you couldn’t see because your GPS system was in the way. You would end up in a big crash, so just don’t use one, but if you must it shouldn’t block your line of sight.

A cup holder

Cars usually come with a place you can store your cup, but some people decide to mount one in front of them so they can continue to drink while driving. I’m no genius, but do you think someone could avoid a huge accident with only one hand? No, but I do know what would happen. They will have their can of soda stuffed in their mouth as they watch themselves smash into a truck at high speed. Don’t bother using a cup holder unless you want to hurt yourself.

A musical horn

When you’re driving along you have enough things to worry about, so you definitely don’t want to be distracted by some crazy person and their musical horn. If you’re the one with the horn blasting out funny tunes it will be you who is the crazy one. It will be you who is distracting people and causing accidents. What do you think will happen if you’re in a dangerous situation and you start pressing your circus music horn? Nobody will know they’re about to be involved in an accident.

Stick to great gadgets

There are too many great gadgets to mention, so if you must add cool upgrades to your car you should stay away from anything that is too dangerous. I’m sure you would appreciate if other drivers did the same because there is less chance of you being killed while popping to the shop for milk.

Today’s feature writer Mark Wilde is a sales executive at Yucaipa Trailers. He enjoys interacting with people and travelling to exotic places.

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