5 Easy Cash Casino Games

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Slots and roulette are the most popular usual casino games in which people test their luck to win something big. These games are the oldest and now even on online casinos, they still top the chart in terms of money outlay and engagement. The world is evolving every minute and technology has improved everything and casinos are not different.

There are many new casino games like Sic Bo which have received a positive response from players lately and have been played on every platform nowadays. If you have visited casinos or online casinos then European Roulette, Blackjack, and Craps are the most commonly played games but there are many other games that can give you the best and smarter way to earn big. Let’s look at the 5 easy cash casino games.


  1. SIC BO

Sic Bo is the biggest sensation in the casino world right now and it originated from Asia. It is said that this game was played in ancient China and rulers used this game to look at the fate of anything. It is a kind of game that looks similar to roulette or craps but it has a different playing style which makes it much more interesting among players.

3 Dice are used to play this game and players need to bet on a combination of 3 dice rolls. The main reason behind its popularity is its probability of winning. Firstly it is a short duration game which makes it more likable among players. If you want to try your hands at different games in a casino then Sic bo should be on top of your list.


  1. Ander Bahar

Also known as Katti, Andar Bahar is a simple yet immensely popular game that originates from India. Recently it has gained huge popularity as you could win real money with Andar Bahar in the online and live casinos very easily.

Similar to other card games Andar Bahar is purely based on luck and some educated guesswork were in a single deck of 52 cards dealt with a player can either choose the Andar (the left side) or Bahar (right side) on the table.
The whole idea of the game is to predict if the side of an identically numbered card to your chosen card will appear after the cards are cut and dealt.

There are some additional no-nonsense standard rules of Andar Bahar but after a good grasp on those, it is a 50/50 winning game with Ander Bahar real cash involved on the mobile app.

Once you make a bet on the correct spot then on winning you receive your payout. It is straightforward and an easy option to win real cash online through this game.


  1. Pachinko 

Pachinko is another thrilling game that was found in Asia first. It is mainly played in Japan and remarkably has good popularity because of its thrilling nature. It is a bit like a great pinball game. Pachinko was invented in the 1930s. The game is basically about putting a ball into the hole using a lever.

Pachinko is a game that any player can master easily. It is played in Pachinko machines where you just need to insert coins and start the game. All you need is to put all 9 Pachinko balls into the holes at once which looks easy but is pretty challenging to achieve as you only get the opportunity three times to put balls into the holes.


  1. Casino War 

Poker is the most common game even in our households as well. Casino War is also a similar game that is based on Poker’s concept. In Casino, we have to wager on the winner of a contest between two hands of cards. In this game, 6 decks are used.

Once a wager is placed then the higher card-holding player wins or in the case of the same card, it is declared a tie, and 2 options are given to you. The first is whether to surrender or go to war by doubling your bet. It is quite an easy game and its thrilling nature makes it really popular among players.


  1. The Big 6 

The Big 6 is the last name on this list. People recognize this game through various names as at some places it is referred as the Big 6 Wheel or Wheel of Fortune. As the name suggests, it is a game of Fortune and the winner is decided using a wheel with 6 outcomes. It is really popular in the USA where it is played in 54 spots with different odds and prices listed.

It is called Wheel of Fortune for a reason as you can even make 20 times your investment or could go home empty-handed. One big advantage or disadvantage is that the payout differs from region to region. For example in Las Vegas, it pays 40 to 1 wherein Atlantic city, it pays 45 to 1. But usually, the payouts usually lie between 40 or 45 to 1 range.

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