5 Essential Apps for Online Gamers

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Gaming can come in many different forms. Some enjoy the retro nostalgia of yesteryear, while others like to virtual iterations of bookmakers. Knowing how different tastes can be when it comes to gaming, it is essential to know what apps are available or those that enjoy gaming on the go.

The following is an overview of five essential apps for online gamers on the Google Play store.


Google Play Games

Much like Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, Google Play is about is much more than app distribution. Google Play Games allows gamers to earn rewards on their gameplay achievements and play with friends and family. In short, those looking to make the most of the online gaming experience from a social aspect need to ensure that Google Play Games is installed on their device.



As well as betting on horses and football, people want to create the excitement of Vegas on their mobile. Although this has been possible, not all the apps have offered the experience many are looking for.

Ladbrokes is a pioneer in the world of online betting, so it should come as no surprise that it was one of the first companies to provide a mobile app. The Ladbrokes app is ideal for those looking for a responsible betting app that offers choice and clarity when it comes to making online bets and enjoying casino games.

Those that normally access the Ladbrokes mobile site will find that the app makes light work of mobile gaming.



Many Android games offer an updated iteration of a retro video game, but some like the real deal, and this is where MAME4Droid comes in. MAME4Droid acts as a virtual video games consoles that allow you to play ROMS from a series of different systems from the ages,

As well as recreating memories, the use of MAME4Droid also allows seasoned nostalgic gamers to experience video games that were not available in their country.



Although online gaming has been made more accessible, those with a vested interest in gaming will want access to a platform that allows for real-time chatting with friends and team members while benefiting from invite-only servers. Fortunately, this is precisely what the Discord app can offer.

Despite the stellar services of Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and other online portals, Discord offers an app that ensures communication is never flawed when it comes to online gaming.



Given the fact that gaming comes in different forms, it should come as no surprise that gamers are tuning into Livestreams that offer conventional and quirky content, as well as a mixture of the two. The Twitch app is essentially an extension of the online platform that allows you to stream content or watch other live streams.

Regardless of whether you are hoping to promote gaming apps or stream gameplay of the latest tentpole title, the use of Twitch will be an integral part of your journey.

As you can see, the gaming line up on Android offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for monetary reward or a reliable platform for online gaming that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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