5 Great Mobile Games with Replay Value

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When it comes to mobile games, there is nothing worse than spending all your time (and data) downloading a new game only to play it once and then never open it again. We know the struggle which is why we’ve gathered together a list of some of our favorite mobile games, that offer great replay value, that you should be downloading this 2018.



Plague Inc.

Everyone’s favorite apocalypse-simulator, Plague Inc. tasks players with creating and evolving a pathogen with which to “infect the world” (in a simulation of course). Blending high strategy and realistic simulation, Plague Inc features innovative gameplay, designed from the ground up for the touchscreen, and combines it with a unique mission system that allows players to unlock more and more exciting (and deadly) pathogens as they complete levels. With every level being unique, and offering countless different evolution paths to choose from, 2012’s Plague Inc provides endless replay value. Combine this with regular updates and a developer dedicated to listening to player feedback and Plague Inc. is simply not to be missed.

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is role-playing, roguelike game that features endearing pixel-art graphics, a simple interface, and endless opportunity for replay. Explore the depths of the randomly-generated, tile-based world in a quest to collect useful items with the ultimate goal being to find the Amulet of Yendor – the ultimate artifact of the game world. Choose from 4-character classes, with 2 sub-classes each, and build up your hero to explore over 25 randomly generated levels, inhabited by various types of monsters, to find even more valuable loot in a primarily luck-based gaming experience. Frequent updates and additions to the game will ensure even more replay value as the game ages.


Heart of Vegas Slots

When it comes to luck-based games, Heart of Vegas Slots is the perfect example of a slots games done right. Riding on the boom and popularity of mobile slot games we can find online today, this game features an immense library of themed slot machines to choose from, and offers players the chance to at an authentic Vegas experience right from the comfort of their mobile phone. Complete with showgirls, cocktail glasses, and neon signs, Heart of Vegas Slots offers easy rules, fast gameplay, and high payout rates. Offering an already huge game selection, and promising regular updates and even more casino games in the future, Heart of Vegas Slots is an unmissable mobile title.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A must-play game for any avid Star Wars fan, Star Wars: KOTR for mobile is an action role-playing game developed by BioWare, and brought to the mobile platform by Aspyr Media, with the mobile title offering players the same experience that engrossed and entertained countless PC players. Adventure through iconic Star Wars locations as you choose how you want the future of the universe to play out: Will you be the Jedi’s last hope or will you succumb to the dark side and rule the galaxy with an iron fist?  Featuring unique characters, creatures, vehicles, and planets, and over 40 different powers to choose from, building your own Star Wars adventure has never been easier.




A handcrafted adventure like no other, ALONE… is an intense survival/endless runner game that tasks players with navigating through space in an ultra-fast, procedural runner. Test your endurance in the pursuit of higher scores in a series of procedurally generated levels and be taken in by the minimalistic graphics style and a spectacular soundtrack that makes the hours of action spent on the three different difficulty levels seem to melt away.


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