5 Great Tools to Generate & Send Invoices Easily

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Whether you are a freelancer, employed, or engaging in some company business, having invoices is vital. That’s how you keep track of your payments and also alert the ones supposed to fund.

While the invoice’s work is that simple, generating one is often more hectic than not. You have to arrange it professionally and also include relevant and correct information. That is why it involves too much work, especially if there are more than two clients to attend to.

Now, what if we told you more about invoice generators that contain ready-made templates? All you need to think about at this point are the details to include instead of the structuring. Invoice generators also remember some of your information.

That is why using them is a matter of minutes.


WeInvoice Online Invoice Generator

The first one on the list is a web-based platform you can use to create and schedule invoices. WeInvoice does not require any download, and that is what makes it favorable. Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, filling an invoice here does not take hours.

There are ready templates on the site, and all you need is to include the details and remove unnecessary fields. It’s possible even to choose the color to match the company logo or what defines your business. Being online with ready tools means it’s easily accessible by everyone.

That is why everyone is welcome, from freelancers to big organizations. Apart from the invoice creation, you can also leave invoices to be sent at a particular time. That is what we call schedules. That makes the work easy since all you need is to enter the details, save and then enter the date and time to send the invoice.

That’s how comfortable WeInvoice can be when you utilize it. With no downloading, time and money are saved here, and you can get the invoice in our favored format.  It’s possible to save with WeInvoice since you can schedule there. More to that includes downloading in different formats.

They include Docx, Doc, PDF, and Excel. Which cloud platform are you fond of? Once you generate the invoice, you can export it there or send it via email. With a variety of options, there are two questions that customers will ask.

First, is the platform secure, and is it acceptable to use it for formal and informal invoicing situations? For the first one, the answer is that there is a multilayer security protocol to protect the servers. Therefore, any unauthorized entry is never welcome.

For acceptability, the design on WeInvoice is both professional and trendy. That means it keeps up with the current standards while laying out everything that needs to be seen. Anyone using the website will tell you that the design is top-notch.

So, if you have no software to create that invoice, WeInvoice will rescue you from the shackles online.



FreshBooks also allows you to go online and generate the invoices you need. Everything here is also well arranged, and it takes minutes to generate and schedule the invoice. That tells you there are ready-made templates you can send and download at will after creation.

Different forms of payments are accepted here, and they include ACH and credit cards. It’s possible to automate the invoices, schedule, send reminders and also accept the sent funds. You can track the financial situation and the time taken too.

Apart from inputting invoice information, FreshBooks also helps you offer discounts where necessary, calculate taxes, and get notified when you are paid or when the client views the invoice. If you don’t want to go to the website, they also have mobile apps to get things done via smaller devices.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office has tools to generate invoices as well. One of them is the usual Microsoft Word which now comes with templates. Via the New tab, that is where you can download some of the best, but you have to be connected to the internet.

It’s easy to insert the details too and remove the unnecessary fields. However, unlike WeInvoice, where everything is well defined for the beginner, you need to be an editing pro on Word.

Another flaw here is that processing many invoices will take the longest time possible, not to mention you need to involve a third-party platform for the payments. Integrating your favored payment option is not possible on Word.

If you still prefer using it, there is no problem. However, you have to find a way to access the invoices easily by uploading them to a favorable cloud like Google Drive or OneDrive from Microsoft.


Microsoft Excel

This is another tool from the Microsoft Office Suite that also helps people generate invoices. It’s much better than Word if you need to calculate the totals and add the taxes, among other essentials.

In short, it’s better when you need to perform calculations on the invoice. However, just like the Word option, you have to face the editing hurdles, not to mention the involvement of a third party in the payments.

Also, if you need a cloud backup, the options will include going for the OneDrive option or uploading to places like Google Drive and Dropbox. The advantage is that there are ready templates with the correct fields for input, editing, and removal.



Lastly, we have PayPal, which allows you to get payments and create invoices. There are two ways to do it here. You can send a simple invoice or use the Customized invoice button to do it in a detailed way.

With more than 286 million users worldwide, you have more reasons to trust it as another suitable way to send invoices. You, however, need to remember that it’s only favorable to those who use PayPal as their payment method.

The better part is that you can generate and schedule an invoice depending on the needs. It also allows you to involve different currencies and calculate taxes too. If you would like to trace your financial activity, the invoices are securely backed up in the cloud, and you can access them via your account.

PayPal is also known for reminding people to pay, and you can set up reminders as well. Since there is more to what PayPal offers, you can check out its web page if you don’t account there. Do you have an Android or iOS phone? You can also download the app as well.

The above represents the five tools that will help you generate invoices quickly and send them. WeInvoice wins over them all since it’s web-based, and it includes everything you need on an invoice. The scope addressed is from the ready templates to scheduling and downloading in different formats.

It also supports different languages and currencies as well. What you will use depends on preference. If you, however, have no option, use your internet connection by getting on Weinvoice. 

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