5 Greatest Mini Games Within Games

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Some big games contain mini-games within games for some extra playable hours and for some side fun and quick dough. They are also one-off events that you’ll fret and frustrate over for a few minutes and in some cases hours before realizing they don’t matter and moving on to the main story.

Some games are mini-games and that is what game is about. They’re the whole point. These games are nothing more than huge collections of mini-games. There’s nothing wrong with that—we love some good time pass games when friends are gathered and in the mood for some straight forward games with the same good old fun.

But one thing we love about the mini-games, no matter the context: some are better than others and good time-wasting games. That’s why we chose to collect this list of the 5 coolest, most absurd, and most remarkable mini-games in existence.

Liar's Dice

5. Liar’s Dice

Game: Red Dead Redemption (2010)

Poker and blackjack are good pass times in games, and they have been included in tons of games. Red Dead Redemption’s “Liar’s Dice,” is the best one we played in any game and if you are fond of playing poker digitally, there is a good game in real life which you can enjoy, it is casino. Back to GTA, after looking at your own dice, you’ve got to try to figure how many of each number will arrive on the table in every turn, then bet on the probability. It’s actually quite fun. If you have the DLC of the game then you can even try your skills with Zombies and their dead money.

Here is how to play and master Liar’s Dice, with this you can make some extra bucks to buy gear and clothes.

Here are rules and some tips for you to master Liar’s Dice.

1. Each person starts with 5 dices.

2. The first person will say how many dice of what side he/she believes are showing in total.
(ex: I say there are two 6’s showing)

3. The next person can either switch the dice number and leave the count the same, change the number of how many dice are showing a certain number, call a bluff, or say the guess is right on the money.

4. If you catch someone bluffing, they lose a die. If you are correct on a spot on call, the person before you loses a die.

5. Keep playing until one player remains to win it all.


4. Bowling

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

Another star game from Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto IV is a huge game and somewhat a game-changer for open-world games, and it is not because it has a huge map. There’s also plenty to do in the game in the form of side missions, side games, and even practice dating. Want to blow up entire city blocks and threaten citizens with rocket launchers and machine guns? Done! Want to play a surprisingly brilliant and detailed bowling mini-game that nets you points with mates and even an achievement or trophy? and it got it too.

Tips to improve your bowling.

  • There is an achievement you get for beating friends at all activities (Xbox version.)
  • Roman loves bowling.
  • Using the leftmost lane is crucial.
  • Try to keep the right stick straight. This is the hardest part.
  • There is another achievement, Gobble Gobble, when you get 3 strikes in a row.


3. Pong

Game: Test Drive Overdrive (2002)

Who doesn’t love the humble Pong! Maybe the young generation who doesn’t know about the humble Pong and it’s endless fun. It is the best example of a classic game coming to the modern game. Pong was playable on the loading screen of this PlayStation 2-era Test Drive game. How cool is that to pass the time when you are waiting for the game to load.

Pipe Hacking

2. Pipe Hacking

Game: BioShock (2007)

BioShock is a legend of a game, and when it comes out in 2007 it took everyone by storm. Many games got hacking mini-games to unlock stuff even Fallout 4 got games as that and people love it somehow, but BioShock has to be the only one that we would really play on its own, outside the main game. I used to play Pipe Dream all the time as a kid, it is not mindless hacking it was quite fun and challenging at times. So when a clone of the classic game appeared as a hacking mini-game in BioShock we were excited to relive the olden times.

Butt Battle

1. Butt Battle

Game: Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (2002)

The Dead or Alive Xtreme series is here for one reason and one reason only: excitement. There is nothing better than watching two of the gorgeous women on the island actually bumping their hips together in what’s apparently the game’s least awful mini-game of all. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the video below and get entertained with some butt bumping action.

Got suggestions about mini-games that we missed? Tell us in the comments.


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