5 Key Steps to Improving Online Customer Support

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Customer Support

Offering excellent customer support is a must if you are an online business. The level of customer service you deliver will greatly influence your credibility; that credibility also influences the level of trust your customers have in the business.

Thanks to the many solutions available today, online customer support is no longer a difficult or expensive thing to offer. In fact, you can offer email support almost immediately as long as you have a working email address.

To reach an exceptional level, however, there are some tweaks you need to implement. These five key steps will help you improve your online customer support right away.

Offer More Support Channels

One of the first things you want to do is make it easier for customers to reach you. Email is great, but it is not always the most convenient way of getting support from the customer’s standpoint. Aside from email support, you also want to offer live chat, ticket support, and even a telephone hotline if you want to go the extra mile.

Social media is a great channel to add too. We are well used to complaining about the products and services we buy on Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media channels used by brands. Offering this channel simply makes it easier for customers to reach you for help.

Unify Your Support System

While offering more support channels is a great step for keeping customers happy, it isn’t the most practical on your own. That is why the second step to take is unifying the entire support system into an easy-to-use, fully integrated support system that the customer service officers can use.

Fortunately, the best solutions now let you integrate multiple support channels to make managing them easier. Customers can reach you using any of these channels, and the support officer can always create a support ticket to track the issue.

Remember Your Customers

There is another big advantage of unifying your helpdesk and customer support system, and that is having the ability to get to know your customers better over time. Top helpdesk solutions can even be integrated with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system you use for better data gathering.

The more you serve the customers, the more you will learn about them. When a specific customer opens a ticket, the officer helping that customer already knows about the purchases made in the past, other issues the customer has had, and key details that really help make the customer service experience more personal.

Add an Agile SOP

One thing you don’t want to do when catering to customers – especially when they are complaining about your products or services – is being too slow. This is a big no. Another thing you also want to avoid is asking customers to repeat themselves, as it gets more and more frustrating for them every time.

To avoid these issues, you need a concise and agile customer support procedure in place. All support officers must know how to treat customers the right way. Information – including the smallest details – must be added to the system for other support officers to use. It’s these little details that will really set you apart from the competition.

Prepare the Officers

The last piece of the puzzle is the support officers themselves. They need to have the same attitude towards delivering the best customer experience as you. When that is the case, you can expect a smooth, consistent, and pleasant customer experience to be delivered every time.

These five key steps will take you to the level of customer support you want. Once you are at that point, you can find more ways to improve and other details to adjust to really keep customers happy with your overall customer experience.

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